Grateful Heart

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My heart was once an open book
Pages blowing in the wind
Each page with a torn and tattered look
Pages that seemed to have no end

Each page was ripped out freely
Their value left unknown
For those pages represented me
My heart beat on its own

Once the pages were all but lost
I opened up my eyes
I needed help at any cost
It was then I realized

By tearing out my pages
Giving without a cause
Allowed me to be courageous
Overlooking obvious flaws

Mistaken feelings of love
Were left in the open gaps
Games I’d grown weary of
Became a recurring mishap

With only one page remaining
I wanted to do things right
Feeling frightened and untrusting
Then I caught a noble sight

I knew I’d seen an angel
One whom I longed to be near
I took a step, and then I fell
Forsaken, I shed a tear

For I knew this angel had seen me
He’d reached out and touched my hand
But his heart was under lock and key
So with my open book I ran

I don’t know where I was running
The pace was out of control
And the tears pressing left a blazing sting
Forewarning my heart and soul

When I turned the angel was with me
He’d never left my side
With honor to me, he entrusted his key
Then he kissed all the tears I had cried

He lifted me up so gently
In his arms I felt secure
He looked into my eyes to assure me
That his love for me was pure

In that moment my heart was dancing
Like a feather in the breeze
As if my pages were gently moving
I opened my book to see

Astonished at what I witnessed
My pages were all intact
No more tattered edges
He had given all of them back
Posted 07 Feb 2008

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