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acha...i have made a new account cuz i forgot my password for the previous one...but newayz i am wondernig y i m nt even able 2 find the posts i made with my previous account? i remember making a topic on sahir lodhi @ lollywood section but its not me!!!
Posted 21 Apr 2008

eshajam says
and who are you
what was your old account nick

is this your Topic ? 2
Posted 21 Apr 2008

Maham.S says
oh han yes i am sal_fan...acha aab u can delete this topic than! sowie....n can i know my pw for sal_fan account...
Posted 22 Apr 2008

eshajam says
acha i am just a member i can't do anything you can PM ( WOL ) for your password..or simply click (forget password)they should send u the Password..and about deleting your topic ask the Mod of that Section..Thxx

Posted 22 Apr 2008

sal_fan says
ya tx! done
Posted 23 Apr 2008

Anytime ....
Posted 25 Apr 2008

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