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Love is not body that feels attraction,
It comes from soul divine,
That is a part of God Divine,
That lights your body and mine

Love is not friendship based on mind,
It is Holy soul indeed,
That unites the mind of similar thoughts,
So you get joy and peace,

Love is not blind without a logic,
It is a soul, you fool,
That sees through all as It is One,
While eyes are mere material tools.

Love is not knowledge or said in words,
As it is the soul my friend,
That talks with God and knows the world,
While words are only a means

Love is not fiction but fact indeed,
As love is the soul divine,
Which never get old nor It dies,
But glitters through light of Thine

Love is not matter but God divine,
Beyond the mind and seen,
It shows the will of God in us,
And guides us on path unseen
Posted 08 Aug 2008

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