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I walked in the door,
had a hard day at work.
The rap music was blasting,
calling someone a jerk.

What happened to music,
it use to be cool.
Now they tell stories,
of shootings in school.

Let's hear a love song,
one that's real sweet.
Don't play a love song,
with a hip hop beat.

Play me a rock song,
sung by the King.
He had a great voice,
boy he could sing.

Bring back the songs,
that made my eyes tear.
Many songs of today,
it's cursing I hear.

Music makes me happy,
listening should be fun.
I don't want a gangster,
drugs,or guns.

Bring back rhythm and blues,
that can take me away.
Music that moved my soul,
when guitar man would play.

Play an oldies but goodies,
from the fifty's long ago.
Beatles songs are great,
or a ballad sung real low.

Most young people today,
think their music is cool.
Right now they're thinking,
what's with this old fool!
Posted 06 Nov 2008

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