Growing Taller Tips Naturally

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Height is a very important factor in life, as major companies lean towards hiring taller people, reason being is that a taller stature represents leadership and power, it's no wonder that the taller you are the higher quality of life you'll experience, no pun intended. Here you'll learn how to grow taller naturally, and which products to stay away from.

While it's true that nutrition plays a vital role in the growth of our bodies, taking magic "grow taller" pills will NOT help you grow taller at all. Granted, these pills may be super potent and contain essential vitamins and whatnot, but the body doesn't use them for growth, just for good health.

The way the body grows is by secreting what's known as human growth hormone to all parts of the body. This hormone is released in a pattern throughout your life, but as you grow and age, the less and less hormone is released, that is, unless you implement these growing taller tips.

Here are 5 all-natural ways to grow taller.

1. Bursting Sprints
The quick movements from the body at high speeds yield quite a bit of human growth hormone secretion. The longer you can last running at high speeds, the more human growth hormone your body will produce. Also, your legs benefit the most from this exercise and helps them grow longer, which is the main area we want to lengthen in terms of growth.

2. Eat More Meals
Did you know that our metabolism is also a factor of our height? If our metabolism isn't up to speed, it will show in our height. The faster our metabolism is working, the more human growth hormone is let out to the body. A higher metabolism also means more blood circulation, which will stimulate more growth to occur during the secretion of HGH.

3. Hanging
Upside down hanging works wonders to lengthen not only your back, but also your legs. If you can manage to get a good position and strap your legs good enough to hang vertically, then you're golden. This exercises opens your vertebrae on your spinal column, forcing your body to fill them with more bone, which will increase your height. Don't hang longer than 20 minutes at a time as that may damage your back.

4. Swim More Often
Have you noticed that swimmers have naturally slimmer and longer bodies? It's because of swimming, being in the water is like being in space, less gravity means more open bone areas for your body to fill them with new bone tissue. The free motion of swimming is very light on your body and greatly releases stress, which can prevent your body from growing. Try to swim as much as possible, 3 times a week is optimal.

5. Back Stretch
Here's a good back stretch that will stimulate growth. Spread your legs shoulder width apart, grab your hands from behind you, keep your arms straight, then bend forward as much as possible. Hold this position for 5 seconds, inhaling as you go down. Then come back, release your breathe, and arch your back backwards and raise your arms behind your head as if you were yawning. This releases tension all over your body and prepares your body to grow a lot more while human growth hormone is secreted.
Posted 10 Nov 2008

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