Tips to Reduce Excessive Sweating

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Unless they have a medical condition that keeps them from sweating, everybody sweats. It is our body's way of keep itself at a constant temperature. When it gets too warm, it releases fluid through the pores in an attempt to cool down. Unfortunately, some people have a bigger problem with sweating than others do.

Some Tips to Help Reduce Excessive Perspiration

Do not wear dark clothing; especially on a hot day. Dark colors absorb heat more rapidly than light colors. You may have noticed this if you have ever gone from riding in a light colored car with a light interior to a black car with a dark interior. The black car is hotter on a warm summers day than a white car. It works the same way with clothing. Opt for white or another light color instead of black.

Drink plenty of water to keep your body's thermostat cool. Cool water will cool you down faster so your body will not have to sweat as much in order to balance its temperature. Water helps for other reasons as well. When you sweat, you lose water. Replace it.

If you are overweight, then that could be the issue that causes overactive sweat glands. Extra weight, especially fat, keeps the body in a constant state of warmth. Reduce your calories and start an exercise program to lose the weight. While this one may not be so simple to implement, it is a simple truth that being overweight is a major cause of excessive sweating.

Aside from constantly wiping away sweat, perspiration can cause odors. Extreme problems with body odor can be a detriment to your social life, not to mention to your self-esteem. Shower twice a day if necessary. Carry wipes with you, splash cool water on yourself, and always remember to wear deodorant. A good body powder can reduce odor as well. When nothing works to reduce a sweating problem, see your doctor. There are medical reasons behind some excessive sweating.
Posted 10 Nov 2008

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