I Believed In You

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You got your wish, I'm on my way,
I am not wanted, I will not stay.
Took my love, stripped it bare,
now can not find it anywhere.

Was a time I meant something,
you came, loved, made me sing.
In time for me you had no use,
were too busy, was your excuse.

Each night cry ten thousand tears,
in dark confront my worse fears.
We first met, tenderly kissed,
now feelings for me do not exist,

Sweet words of love are no more,
I am no longer the love you adore.
Gave your heart then took away,
now I am the one who must pay.

It cost me dearly in tears and pain,
you taught me never to love again.
Wore me down, took my very soul,
lost here within, no longer whole.

There will never be another you,
to break my heart the way you do.
Never expected it to end this way,
sitting here crying on this sad day.
Posted 15 Nov 2008

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