Things You Must Know About Stomach Fat

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Are you tired of your stomach size? Do you feel your belly is growing in leaps and bounds? That how much ever you may try, it just keeps coming back. Before we get to know the how part of losing stomach fat, let us explore what is it and why do we get it?

The part of the body where we tend to gain weight, stomach in particular depends on various reasons

· Lifestyle - the kind of food or drink that we take, the kind of stress level we are prone to.

· Age - with age, people tend to get a bit heavier on the stomach and the thigh area.

· Genetic - Fat belly has a lot to do with genes - if it runs in the family, chances are you might get one too.

Body fat is nothing but adipose tissue. This is the what part of fat. When our body breaks down the calories of the food that we consume for example carbohydrate and protein, certain part of that calorie is converted in to body fat. Mostly carbohydrate has a tendency of accumulating as fat. So now that you know what causes fat, may be you know what to watch out for when eating. Now the how part. So how do you lose the stomach fat? Losing fat whether in the stomach area or somewhere else is easy as long as you follow the factors that control weight loss. Out of the three factors discussed above, Lifestyle is the one which is totally under your control. A healthy lifestyle can easily prevail over weight gain due to age or genetics.
Quick and Sustained weight loss is a combination of external and internal factors. The external factors of exercise and diet are of course helpful to lose weight. But you need to equally focus on internal factors of boosting your metabolism and keep yourself motivated to loose weight.
Posted 16 Nov 2008

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