Your Eyes

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Your eyes, filled with mystery,
I wish you’d have them on me,
Your eyes, filled with passion,
Flares with beauty’s incarnation.

Your eyes, makes my darkest day bright,
If only I could look at them late at night
Your eyes, tells me it’s a dream come true,
If only my other dreams were too.

Your eyes, could always comfort me,
I wish, they’d be mine for eternity,
Your eyes, makes eternity bliss,
Who could deny a miracle like this?

Your eyes, soft dark, yet bright,
I love the way they tell me “it’s all right”,
Your eyes, when you love, fills with emotion,
They would enchant me into the deepest ocean.

Your eyes, they tell me you don’t love me,
I hate the way your eyes can leave me lonely,
Your eyes, the beauty I can never understand,
These feelings embedded by the touch of your hand.

Your eyes, it’s a secret I can never keep,
I have somehow fell in love so deep,
Your eyes, how could God create this from above,
When he looked at you, how could He not fall in love?

Your eyes, the window to your soul and heart,
They make me want to be with you, never to part.
Your eyes, surpasses the beauty of paradise,
The only silent unnoticeable bliss I have… your eyes…
Posted 17 Nov 2008

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