Trying To Forget

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Scorned by love, tried to be good,
now not doing things she should .
Lost all faith when pain grew deep,
within core of heart sorrow seeps.

They call her bad, some would say,
too much heartache came her way.
Sad memories she can not forget,
behind a fake smile she suffers yet.

On guard to those who play games
bitterness has brought her shame.
Has no more trust in love nor man,
she hides the pain the best she can.

Tries hard to brush away memories,
praying each night upon her knees.
Misses his love and his warm touch,
still misses his love so very much.

His love still remains so bittersweet,
loving him so much was her defeat.
From man to man, night after night,
pretending each one is her Mr. Right.
Posted 22 Jan 2009

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