Thoughts Of Melancholy

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When your tears start to well up inside,
and you can't chase the blues goodbye.
On the verge of just crying your eyes out,
overwhelmed you break down and cry.

Your emotions are going in all directions,
least little word makes you feel so bad.
Your sensitivity tolerance is below zero,
thoughts of melancholy, are turning sad.

The day began happy without a care,
was another great morning to be alive.
Had my faith in God to give me strength,
the sheer determination I could survive.

That changed as I read words you wrote,
brought back a heartbreaking memory.
Then you said something that was hurtful,
not caring about me or my sensitivity.

So I just sat and cried my eyes out alone,
that made me feel better for a little while.
But the tears have returned as I sit here,
all these memories just won't let me smile.
Posted 27 Jan 2009

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