Night Calls Your Name

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Heart that shatters slowly bleeds,
cracks and fissures fill with weeds.
Unmendable the old stiches fray,
watching love slowly fade away.

Did my very best to understand,
reason why you let go my hand.
You have no more love left for me.
nor time or feelings that I can see.

Everytime I stop and think of you,
sad feeling comes passing through.
Harsh reminder you no longer care,
when I stumble, you are not there.

You use to be my rock and strength,
to help me you went to any length.
Now just a name upon your list,
at the bottom, overlooked, missed.

Another day into this despair I fall,
you will not even think of me at all.
When you needed me I was there,
now that you don't, you do not care.
Posted 03 Feb 2009

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