Healing A Broken Heart

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It is inevitable. At least once in our relatively short lives, there will be a person whom we shall love greatly, around whom we shall let our lives revolve, but who will only disappoint us and break our heart. That person could be a parent or a sibling, or a spouse, a child or a very close friend. The first time the heart is ever broken, it is always accompanied by tremendous pain, and it feels like we could die from it and the world for us is at its end.

But no matter how great the pain we have suffered because of our heart getting broken, we will eventually realize that life has to go on and the world will continue spinning on its axis despite the ache we feel because of our broken heart.

Just how does one go on when her heart is broken? How does one continue with her shattered life amidst the broken pieces? The answer to these questions is to learn to pick up the pieces, mend them and start again.

Seek the path of healing by reaching out and helping others. In this way, our eyes shall be open to the fact that we are not the only ones in this world who are hurting and that there are other people out there whose pain is greater than ours. If we focus too much on ourselves, we tend to amplify our own hurts. If we focus on the needs of others, we learn to forget our own pain and eventually gain healing.

With healing comes laughter. There was once an old song by Nat King Cole exhorting his listeners to smile though your heart is aching. It is true: laughter is indeed the best medicine we could ever need to heal a broken heart. Find something to laugh at, like a funny story or a sitcom on TV. Laughter does the heart good.

Mending a broken heart also requires change. For once, break your old habits and build new ones. If you are not fond of going out for some fresh air, try spending an hour or two in the afternoon just walking around your block. Go and watch a movie, perhaps, or treat yourself to a dinner for one at a fancy restaurant. You deserve to be happy, so you should do things that would make you happy.

Lastly, open your heart to the possibility of loving again. Life goes on; it does not stop because your heart is broken, and neither should you stop because it is. Think of this experience as a lesson in life. Soon enough, you will remember the day your heart got broken and you will smile because of it, because it has made your life richer than you have expected it to be.
Posted 09 Mar 2009

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