Top 5 Ways We’ll Have Fun in 2050

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Predicting the future is always a tricky business. We've long been promised flying cars, jet packs and robot maids, only to be disappointed year after year when the technology fails to appear. In 1968, science fiction writer James R. Berry made his predictions for the year 2008 in the pages of "Mechanix Illustrated." Some of his forecasting was dead-on, including his prophesies of online shopping and home computing, while other guesses have yet to make an appearance, including a four-hour workday and automated doctor's visits [source: Berry].

Now it's time for us to pick up James R. Berry's mantle and peer 40 years into our future. We'll leave the more serious predictions regarding climate change and overpopulation to others; in this article, let's examine how we'll have fun in the future. Will we still like to tilt back a cold one at our neighborhood pub? Will we still be shaking what our mommas gave us in dance clubs? Or will we partake in simpler pursuits, like knitting and woodworking? While the staff here hopes that reading this site is always a part of your future fun, let's take a look at five other ways we might entertain ourselves in 2050.
Posted 11 Jun 2009

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