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Mirpur, Pakistan
One day i was running in the rain,
Having all my burdens and pains,
Unable to see as everything was dark,
I was Finding the way in the light of spark,
Cars were passing me side by side,
I asked everyone can you give me a ride?
They replied we can't as this is all your fate,
And i was in dilemma to love them or hate,
Tears on my face were mixing with rain,
All my efforts were going in vain,
I felt so fear and i felt alone,
Pain of loneliness diffused into bones,
All of a sudden a thought warmth my brain,
As a cup of coffee in acute strain,
I closed my eyes and said "O,ALLAH Kareem!!
Shower your blessings indeed you are RAHEEM
And what i saw when i opened my eyes,
Believe!there was a rainbow in blue skies
Everything was shining and looking bright,
Is it really me who was shivering with fright?
Yes!its only ALLAH who gives us peace.....
With every hardship there is an ease...!!!
Posted 04 Jun 2010

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