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Hello guls & Guyz , I think my name is Platonic , i am unable to recall it correctly , the moment i entered this universe i heard someone saying Earth has come , oh my God , who was he ? why he took me here , i have even forgotten the purpose for which i was sent here .
I found many humans on earth , eventually , i started living with some of them due to a reason that i dont even remember myself . These humans talk of many good things like attitudes , relations , associations , religion , innovations and blan blan BUT they dont follow any of the above virtues , rather they keep on thrashing each others rights . Never mind since i am not one of them why should i worry ? . These humans dont seem to have any concept of life after death , but how do i have ? i think i heard of it when i was born but where did i born ? From whome i heard this ? Why i am having so many questions in my mind ? why i am unable to solve any querry that are bundeling up in my mind ? No answer ! Ok leave it .
Let me tell u something more about humans , well humans are living creatures having two legs , two feet , two arms , two feet , two eyes , two ears , one nose , But why so many things are in Twos ? why they have only one nose ? and why all the humans have same number of body parts ? I have asked this question from many humans , they say God made them in best of the shapes , they say humans were proven best creatures at the time of Adam & Eve , but on what number they are now ? Have they come down to the beasts ? or they have taken beasts upto them ? I think second one is the case . Humans have become beasts with same number of arms , legs , feet , hands , eyes , ears . Not only this they have adopted the virtues of beasts , but why they left their number one position ? wasnt that good enough to satisfy their morally ill needs ? I think yes . But why should i worry ? I am not a human am I ? wait a minute , if i am not a human then why i am living in humans ? let me count my body parts , i have two legs , two feet , two arms , two hands , two eyes , two ears and one nose , ooohhhhh sh*t I am a human .
Posted 10 Oct 2003

according to rulz topic closed
Posted 12 Nov 2006

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