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Two Solutions…
1. As you all know Muslims and Hindus are criticizing each other. So the solution is when a Muslim starts a thread Hindus should not reply… Hindu starts a thread Muslims should not reply. If a Muslim/Hindu posts in Hindu/Muslim post he/she should only take information not say Allah/Baghwan can not do this or do that. All should talk about their own religion not others and criticize. It should be pure informative Forum not a criticize Forum. If Admins/Mods find someone criticizing they should ban them for life. It is Religion guys not lollywood or bollywood. And also all replies should be related to the topic not like i.e. ???? where have u been… was busy… blah blah…. Admins/Mods you should delete all replies which are not related to the Subject, even if it was posted by Admin or a mod.

2. Close Religion Forums…. I cannot tolerate if someone says against my religion, no one will.
Posted 19 Oct 2003

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