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I was wondering what is this "File Upload" icon for ... it is only visible in Admin's Corner (aka Request Corner, Help Desk)...says "Files must be of the type, zip, rar, and have a maximum file size of 1000KB"
zip rar... i dont get it. maybe i missed somthing...
One more thing in "Image Upload" it says "Images must be of the type, jpg, jpeg, gif, png, and have a maximum file size of 500KB" which means one pic can be 500k .. a guy using DSL can upload it but a guy viewing it with 56k dailup.. how much time it will take the image to load... i think you must have 1 million GBs .. i think it should be not more than 150 0r 200kb max.. so we on dailup should see it
btw Admin am i pulling your leg too much
Posted 24 Oct 2003

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