Gluten-free Sticky Toffee Cake

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Hello my friends, today the cake that I propose is Gluten-free Sticky Toffee Cake. I have a number of friends who are coeliac, wheat intolerant or just choose to eat gluten-free. I know for a fact that they like cake just as much as the wheat friendly amongst us but most of the gluten free options in tea shops or bakeries tend to be either brownies or shallow affairs made with almond flour. These are delicious but they are a very specific kind of cake and surely the coeliac among us can’t exist on these cakes alone. I mean, where’s the frosting, where are the calories? I like a challenge though and I have been determined to bake a gluten-free layered cake that tastes as good as a wheat flour one.

Recipe here :

Posted 09 Dec 2014

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