Month of gifts! prove(here)???

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Month  of  gifts! prove(here)???

There is this story about an Egyptian whose Doctor prescribed to him some medication in order to prepare him before he gets operated on, to rid him off certain tumor in his stomach. When he realized that the medication would prevent him from fasting, which it was about to begin, he became so sad and then gave his trust to Allah by fasting, with the hope that Allah will cure him.

Lo and behold, a miracle happened! This man went back to his doctor after Ramadan and the doctor examined him and he realized that, the tumor that he supposed to operate him and removed was nowhere to be found, and he told him about it, and the man then revealed to the Doctor that, perhaps he was cured because he fasted, and the doctor admitted to him the medical advantages of fasting, confirming what the Qur'an says.

Allah said: (...a guidance for mankind and clear proofs for the guidance and the criterion (between right and wrong).)

“…the Quran was sent down as a guidance for the people.” (Quran 2:185)

Here Allah praised the Qur'an, which He revealed as guidance for the hearts of those who believe in it and adhere to its commands. Allah said: (and clear proofs) meaning, as clear and unambiguous signs and unequivocal proof for those who understand them. These proofs testify to the truth of the Qur'an, its guidance, the opposite of misguidance, and how it guides to the straight path, the opposite of the wrong path, and the distinction between the truth and falsehood, and the permissible and the prohibited.

Muslim abstain all types of food and drink, as well as sexual intercourse with their spouses.  This creates a sense within the Muslim throughout the day that they are obeying the commands of God, as they leave things which are perfectly permissible at other times.  This created within the Muslims a conscience which encourages them to leave those deeds impermissible at all times.  Muslims, dry-mouthed from lack of water and abstaining from all types of food seen throughout the day, gain a sixth sense – God consciousness - and this is the goal of fasting the month of Ramadan.  God says in the Quran:
“Fasting has been prescribed for you as it has been prescribed for those before you in order that you become of the God-conscious.” (Quran 2:183

Our relationship with Allah(God) Sheikh Yusuf Estes Ramadaniat [Episode 18]

|HD| BBC : The Life of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) - Greatest Man Ever Walk on The Earth


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Tiger5 says

In fasting
The need to should lower their gaze
And distance from the act of taboo
And not to say obscene words

If the person is wont to do those things and then suddenly left for the arrival of Ramadan
What do you will feel?
Feeling will change and feel the awe of the importance of fasting and Ramadan
Therefore, the first case is quite different from the new change

During the fast, Muslims experience hunger
and thirst and learn to sympathize with
in the world who have little to eat. They
come to appreciate the blessings that Allah
grants them. Through increased charity
the month, Muslims develop feelings of
generosity and goodwill toward others. And
since all Muslims in the world are
the same experience at the same time, this
practice strengthens community bonds
throughout the Muslim world.

Read the name of God that he is your
creator,(quran). When you break ones proud,
when you destroy ones wishes palace, when you
stifle ones hope candle, when you be blind
for a body, when you even close your ears to
not hearing the voice of a proud that is
breaking, when you see the god but don't see
his slave, i want to know you rise your hand
to which sky to pray for your luck? Allah
create makes ramadan month that we realize
poor people durin the fast that we learn, we
don't break ones proud, we don't fight, we
don't lie, we don't be usurer and
selfish...... . Allah never forget every one
of creature then we must live for the God
then we learn how to live for the God by

(Ar-Rayyan): Allah (T) honours the fasting people by reserving a special gate for their entrance to the Jannah. The Messenger (S) said:

In the Jannah is a gate called Ar-Rayyan (Thirst Quencher) through which only the fasting people will enter. Once they all get in, it will be shut forever. [Al-Bukhari]

They suffered from thirst in this life, and they will be rewarded by permanent thirst-quenching in the Hereafter. Opening the Gates of Good: Ramadhan is the best of all months, and good deeds are better in it (they earn more rewards). When this month arrives:

The gates of the Jannah (the Garden of Paradise) are opened wide, the gates of Hell are shut and the devils are chained down. [Al-Bukhari]

How to Welcome Ramadhaan the Prophet's Way | by Dr Zakir Naik

My advice to the Ummah for Ramadhaan | Dr Zakir Naik

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 Yes,my brothersIf apregnant woman has a strong healthAreeasily able to fast (no problem)ButMostof the casesPregnantwomen can not fastDue tothe fear on their health  Or on the fetusOr herhealth and embryo together  Foreach case  Law in Jurisprudence and different expiation  Thereare pretty strict guidelines regarding fasting. First there is there are those
forbidden to do so. Pregnant woman, Nursing mothers and the sick that might be
affected by it. In addition their are those exempt such as the young adn the
elderly / One rule regarding the Ramadan fast is we are not to Jeopardize our
health GodAlmightyAt alltimes and in all places (see us and hear us)4. He it is Who created the heavens andthe earth in six Days and then Istawa (rose over) the Throne (in a manner that
suits His Majesty). He knows what goes into the earth and what comes forth from
it, what descends from the heaven and what ascends thereto. And He is with you
(by His Knowledge) wheresoever you may be. And Allah is the All-Seer of what
you do. \             The conditions that invalidate the fast are asfollows:• Inserting something into any of theopen orifices intentionally, with the exception of dharurah situations
especially pertaining to illness. Eating, drinking and smoking invalidates
fast. Medicated injections however, does not invalidate the fast.• Vomitting intentionally.• Intentional ejaculation.• Having sexual relations.• Being in a state of haid, nifas orgiving birth for women.• Losing sanity.• Unconsciousness throughout the day.• Drunkenness throughout the day.•           Apostasy. Whatdoes Ramadan mean to us Sheikh Yusuf Estes Ramadaniat [Episode 1]  Howthe Quran was came down in Ramadan? Sheikh Yusuf Estes Ramadaniat [Episode 2]
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FastingFundamentalpillar of the five pillars of IslamItspurpose is not hunger and thirst ButIs arenewal of human life  And a strong drive and ready to work goodAndtrainingAndthe beginning of change Prayerand charity and helping the poor, and so Andreward multiplier             Narrated Abu Salama bin 'Abdur Rahman: that heasked 'Aisha "How was the prayer of Allah's Apostle in Ramadan?" She
replied, "He did not pray more than eleven Rakat in Ramadan or in any
other month. He used to pray four Rakat ---- let alone their beauty and
length----and then he would pray four ----let alone their beauty and length
----and then he would pray three Rakat (Witr)." She added, "I asked,
'O Allah's Apostle! Do you sleep before praying the Witr?' He replied, 'O
'Aisha! My eyes sleep but my heart does not sleep."   Aswell as Refinementof the ethics of humanAbuHuraira reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, said, “When one of
you awakes in the morning for fasting, then he should not use obscene language
or behave ignorantly. If anyone slanders him or tries to argue with him, he
should say: Indeed, I am fasting! Indeed, I am fasting!” [Sahih Muslim, Book 6, Number 2563]  Throughoutthe yearPeopleeat and drink and soaked in the pleasuresButFastone month a year Comfortablefor the health and body Andfeel  like miserable poor countries Sympathyand participation, Sheikh Yusuf Estes Ramadaniat [Episode 4]   Benefitsof Siyam 1, Sheikh Yusuf Estes Ramadaniat [Episode 5] 
Posted 16 Jun 2016

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Yes,my dear brotherIt'ssimpleInRamadanEveryonebecomes ready the soul and conscience  Thismonth of mercyThismonth of forgivenessHere Ican make up  What rolls of amusement and indifferenceGodwill see me I prayI payalms in secret and in publicI readthe Qur'an and I cried in prayer seeking forgiveness Andthus see the mosques are fullAndpeople to not sleep Spiritualityis highAnd alot of people repent in RamadanAnd soBeginningof a change for the better It iscompulsory for those who are fasting to observe their acts, movements and
speech and to avoid things that may affect one’s fasting ritual so that the
ritual does not end up as just a simple act of abstinence from food and drink
without any deserving rewards.  Rasulullahs.a.w has described fasting as a piece of armour. He has also discouraged those
who are fasting against abusive language and ma’siyyah (vice) and to remind
those who instigate us into argument or quarrel that we are fasting. Rasulullah
s.a.w has also mentioned that Allah s.w.t will not accept the fast of those who
lie, even if the person has abstained from food and drink. (Bukhari, Ahmad and
Ashabus Sunan)  Accordingto Ibnu Arabi, the above Hadtih explains that the fast rewards will not be
given out. In other words, liars do not deserve to receive the rewards of the
fast. Saiyidina Umar has also mentioned that fasting is not merely abstinence
from food and drink but also abstinence from wrongdoings such as lying.  How New YorK reacts to amuslim , Amazing Reactions  Benefitsof Siyam 2, Sheikh Yusuf Estes Ramadaniat [Episode 6] 
Posted 20 Jun 2016

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 someonetold meTheseviews and interaction of many members and friends of the non-Muslim   Yesmonth of fasting is the big gift for Muslims. They fast in it for God. They believe
that with Fasting they earn many good gifts from God.  \\\ I haveread your article and trust me this will me learn Quran Online with Tajweed
from Best Online Quran Teachers \\\\\\\\  Whichmakes you wonder just how wel do they practice Islam. Ramadan is our holiest
month and all fighting even minor disagreements among friends are forbidden. \/////I hatefasting just from meat for 49 days, so I respect Muslims who faste from all
food \\\\\\ . The Holy Qur'an is the best guide tolife. Thank you for your input on this thread.  \\\Anyonewho acts against the guidance in the Qur'an is not practicing Islam. Fighting
in the sacred months is forbidden except to safeguard your existence and
prevent further persecution. Ramadanin Karachi
begins on Tuesday. The last time I was in Karachi
was in May 1964 for three weeks. Ice cream there tasted quite nice. My hotel
was on the main Bandar Road
and traffic was quite unbelievably high even then. Since then, I have landed in
Karachi a
couple of times but only in transit. Fastinghas always helped me health-wise. My health has always improved by the end of
the month. Fasting is not prescribed for health reasons but to be conscious of
Allah to prevent yourself from doing evil actions. Ignorant people on both
sides of the fence do not understand the real reason for fasting. Fastingis not a rigid law in Islam but only those are required to fast who can fast
without damaging health. If unable to fast in Ramadan, it can be done
afterwards. Only those make it rigid who are ignorant about it. As a child, it
was quite fun to fast but not fun when I had to break it in the afternoon due
to thirst. My parents would insist that I break it if I can't bear it. I ameagerly looking forward to Ramadan this time, as usual. There is possibility
that I may visit Pakistan
for the first week of the month of Ramadan (not Karachi
in the south but Gilgit and the K2 area in the
north). I wishall my peaceful brothers and sisters a blessed month and spiritual happiness.
May Allah bless you all!\\\ In myopinion it means you do not know the definition of a Muslim. A Muslim is a
person who submits to Allaah*swt( to the best of his ability. the need for
"Ritual", Procedures" Requirements come with responsibility that
develops as the individual matures and learns. No one is denied being muslim as
long as they do not know how, for reasons beyond their control. the"covenent" is only required if there is reason you know there is one.
If for reasons beyond your control you have no way of knowing nothing is
required. Being Muslim is the default state of our creation. It only changes as
we gain the ability to choose with sincerity and knowledge. \\\ So, ifI understand correctly you fast from sunrise to sundown, yes? Does that mean
you can have sexual relations at night (or from dusk till dawn, if I may).  \\//// Soundslike a contest to see who is more devoted to their dogma. Of course you would
say that because you are biased just like the poster is biased towards his
religion. Chances are high that you live in a Christian country with a
Christian family. You didn't choose your religion; the geography of your birth
chose it for you.  \\\Fromabove: Nonetheless,there have been reports of some shops continuing to refuse to sell water and
eating and drinking in public remain illegal under the country’s laws for
“respecting Ramadan”.  Evenin karachi you
will find concessions are made for those that would be harmed by fasting. they
just are not allowed to be publicly visible. i am a little bit Familiar with
Katachi I have Grand-Children there. My oldest son-in-law is from they He and
my Daughter travel back and forth, theier kids prefer life in Pakistani to Texas so stay in Karachi
although they were born in Texas.\\  Thevirtue of reading the Quran Sheikh Yusuf Estes Ramadaniat [Episode 22]   Deathcomes suddenly Sheikh Yusuf Estes Ramadaniat [Episode 21]
Posted 24 Jun 2016

Tiger5 says
Lotsand lots of non-Muslims who wants to learn rituals of Ramadan for MuslimsAndsends thanks and gratitude to that information Alhamdulillah , please favor us by sharing yourexperience of the recent Ramadan fast, particularly the Laylat al-Qadr.seethe results  Thereare other special features in Ramadan.TheLast Ten Nights1.“Indeed we have revealedit (the Quran) in the Honored Night.2. And what will explain to you what theHonored Night is?3. The Honored Night is better than athousand months.4. In it, the angels descend as well asthe Spirit (Gabriel) by the permission of their Lord, with all types of decrees.5.‘Peace’ it is until therising of dawn.” (Quran:97:1-5) It wasRamadan in which the Quran was revealed from the heavens to the Earth. More
specifically, it was one of the last ten nights of this blessed month. The
Prophet said:“Seek the Honored Night in the lastten.” (Saheeh Al-Bukhari)Onthat night, worship and good deeds are better than performing them for a
thousand months, as mentioned in the verses above. Thus the Prophet would
increase his worship by staying awake the whole night in worship.  “When he entered the [last] ten [nights]of Ramadan, the Prophet would ‘rollup his sleeves’ and give life to the whole
night, and waken his family.” (Saheeh Al-Bukhari)Muslimsin Ramadan seek this Honored Night in order that they may be given an increase
in reward. Muslims spend the whole night in worship, from praying the taraweeh
prayer to reading the Quran, supplicating to God, and praying extra voluntary
prayers. During these nights, there is even an extra congregationalprayer held in the mosques which lasts for about an hour and a half to two
hours up until the time of the predawn meal. Nights are alive with worship, and
people for these ten nights expend all efforts in doing so, seeking that they
may have spent the Honored Night in the worship of God. The Prophet said: “Whoever stood in prayer in the HonoredNight, believing in God and hoping for His reward, all his previous sins will
be forgiven.” (Saheeh Al-Bukhari) Ramadanis a month of forgiveness, and people hope that they will people from those who
are saved from the Fire:“God chooses who will be saved from theFire (in Ramadan), and that is every night.” (Al-Tirmidhi) Forthis reason in Ramadan, people fast, pray, and seek the Honored Night in order
that they may be forgiven for their shortcomings and enter Paradise.     Ten days of Ramadan     Have the advantage of a private    the night of Al-Qadr    21    Or 23-25-27-29AlQadarnight Sheikh Yusuf Estes Ramadaniat [Episode 19]  I amSayim for Sheikh Yusuf Estes Ramadaniat [Episode 23] 
Posted 28 Jun 2016

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From astudy of the Holy Quran and Traditions of the Holy Prophet, it transpires that
there are three objectives of Zakat (poor-due). One is basic and specific and
the other two are secondary and collective. Thebasic and essential objective of Zakat is purification of the soul. It cures
the lust for wealth, infuses the feat Allah in mans heart and makes one
amenable to good deeds. The Holy Quran says: And away from it (Hell) shall be
kept the most pious one, who gives away his wealth in order to purify himself.
(XCIL:17-18) Onanother occasion Allah addresses and exhorts the Holy Prophet (Pbuh) in these
words: Take alms of their wealth, wherewith you may cleanse and purify them.
(9: 103)Theseverses make the real importance of Zakat quite clear: it aims to emancipate the
heart from temporal preoccupations and purifies the soul.It isan acknowledged fact that the love of material things is the real enemy of
prayer. It turns a man away from Allah and the After-life. The Holy Prophet
once said: The root of all evil is the love of worldly things. (Mishkat) Althoughtemporal love includes many things the most powerful and dangerous of all is
the love of material wealth. The Holy Prophet has, therefore, regarded it as
the greatest of all evils for the Muslims: The trial for my Ummah is wealth.
(Tirmidhi)If aMuslim can save himself from the lure of wealth, he will be able to protect
himself from many other vices. Becauseof its basic aim and purpose, poor-due is known as zakat in Islam. Literally it
means both purification and growth. To give a portion of ones income to the
needy for the pleasure of Allah is called Zakat because it purifies the soul.
It must, however, be remembered that the aim of zakat is achieved only when its
payment is motivated by sincere desire and practical effort. The pleasure of
Allah should be the first and foremost consideration while paying Zakat. It
must be free from every other motive. Zakatshould be paid out of the income earned only by fair and honest means. Whatever
is paid should be respectable. If cheap and worthless stuff is given in zakat
it will go in vain. It will be no better than a hypocritical gesture.Zakatsbeneficiary should neither be made to feel grateful for it, nor should his
feelings and self-respect be hurt. Otherwise, Zakat will cease to have any meaning. Onesecondary objective of the poor-due is to provide basic necessities to poor
Muslims. The Holy Prophet said: Verily Allah has ordained the payment of Zakat
on them (Muslims). It will be taken from the rich and returned to the poor.
(Muslim)TheseTraditions make it quite obvious that there is also a social and economic
aspect of the poor-due without which its Islamic concept remains incomplete. Theother secondary objective of Zakat is the help and support of Islam. While
giving the details of the beneficiaries of Zakat the Holy Quran says: The alms
are only for the poor and the needy, and for those who collect them, and those
whose hearts are to be reconciled, and to free the captives and the debtors and
for the cause of Allah, and for the wayfarers. (9:60)Thewords the cause of Allah denote the struggle waged for Islam  Dr.Zakir Naik Q&A Wealth, Zakat and its testing in Islam  Itikafis a form of worship. It is formed by staying in a Mosque for a certain time.
It is Ehtiyat that one should stay with the intention to worship Allah by
praying formal or informal prayers although prayer is not a condition therein. Thetime for this form of worship could be anytime when one is allowed to fast. The
best time is the month of Ramadan, especially, the last ten days. Conditionsfor I'tikaf during Ramadhan: 1. Intention as in the rest of the worshipacts. It is necessary that the intention be made at the beginning of Itikaf so
that the rule, requiring the worship act to be completed with intention, be
followed thoroughly from the beginning to the end. The decision made at the
beginning of the night to start Itikaf from the beginning of the following day
will be open to objection. However, if one decides to start it from the
beginning of the night it is not an offense to do so. One isnot allowed to change one's mind from one Itikaf to another of the same
qualities or different. 2. Belief in Islam. 3. Freedom from mental illness. 4. Fasting; thus the Itikaf of one whocannot fast for some reason is not valid. 5. Duration; which is three continuousdays at least. It could be more but not less than three days. If itis started from the beginning of a day the two nights in between will be part
of the duration. Less than three days is not considered Itikaf. Thatit must take place in one of these Mosques: (a) The holy Mosque in Makkah, (b)
the holy Mosque of the Prophet in Medina,
(c) the holy Mosque of Kufa, (d) the holy Mosque of Basrah, and (e) the Mosque
which is assigned for the Friday prayer in any town or city. It is Ehtiyat,
however, to complete it in any of the first four Mosques. Theroof and basement of a Mosque is part of the same and it is valid to complete
Etikaf in such places of a Mosque. Permissionof the people whose permission are required such as the master for the slave,
husband and parents for the wife and children if this will be against the right
of the husband or causes trouble to the parents. 6. Completing it in the Mosque where itwas started. Thus, going out of the Mosque without an acceptable reason will
invalidate the Itikaf, regardless, one knows the rule or is ignorant or has
gone out because of forgetfulness, except in the case of an emergency or one
being forced or it is because of some need such as using wash room or having
Taharat. One isallowed to come out of the Mosque during Itikaf to take part in the burial of a
deceased or to visit an ailing one; Going out of the Mosque for a time long
enough to cause the Itikaf to become as non-existing will be considered as
invalidating the same, even if one has not done it out of one's own choice. If oneneeds to have Ghusl/bath during the Itikaf and it is possible for him to have
it inside the Mosque, and is not allowed to go out unless the reason for Ghusl
requires him not to stay inside the Mosque. Etikafis originally an optional worship act but it may become obligatory because of a
vow etc. Thingsto avoid during Itikaf: 1. Having sex and also according toEhtiyat kissing or playing with one's wife; 2. According to a necessary Ehtiyatcausing a semen discharge, 3. And smelling perfumes for enjoyment; itis not an offense if one cannot enjoy the perfume because of some defect in his
smelling ability. 4. Selling or buying in the form of abusiness deal, according to a necessary Ehtiyat; there is no offense to be
occupied with allowable activities as sewing or writing etc., although it is a
Mustahab Ehtiyat to avoid them too. If oneneeds to buy something for food and there is no one to do the buying for him,
it is not an offence for him to do it. 5. Expressing bitterness in talking aboutworldly or religious matters in order to prove one's ability, not the truth
which is one of the best worships. Thecontracts of buying or selling during Itikaf invalidate Itikaf, but such
contracts will be valid. IfItikaf is invalidated because of having sex even, during the night, expiation
will be due; if it is invalidated by other things, there will be no expiation,
although it is a Mustahab Ehtiyat in this case too. Theexpiation for invalidating an Itikaf is to set free a slave or if this is not
possible, fast for two consecutive months or if this also is not possible, feed
sixty poor people. Ramadan:The last 10 Days, Itikaf and Laylatul Qadr - Shaykh Yusuf Estes 
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Our music bands regularly provide services in the Los Angeles area. We are even pleased to travel to the destination weddings, both international and national. We have performed more than 300 events and weddings that make us a more desirable choice of these days. At Divine, we ensure a one-of-a-kind entertainment experience particularly for one of the most striking days of your life.

Divine has years of experience in the industry. Our sound experience makes us the very first call for corporate and wedding entertainment. The expertise and the attention to detail that Divine offers are unparalleled. We understand that selecting the ideal entertainment professional for the special day of your life is important for your event success. And we as a professional pride ourselves in working very closely with each client.

Posted 11 Feb 2020

Posted 26 Jun 2020

Lerot says
I like creating some cool lapel pins as gifts for my friends. I design them myself, then I use the service from ? for production. It is a really good and trusted one, I am sure that you will like it a lot!
Posted 09 Feb 2021

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Posted 22 Feb 2021

indore0010 says
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Raebareli Escorts  
Thoubal Escorts  
Chhatarpur Escorts  
Hoshiarpur Escorts 
Karur Escorts 
Koppal Escorts  
Lawngtlai Escorts  
Malappuram Escorts  
Morena Escorts  
Durg Escorts  
Firozabad Escorts  
Palghar Escorts  
Saraikela Kharsawan Escorts  
Sivasagar Escorts  
Azamgarh Escorts  
Kanchipuram Escorts 
Raichur Escorts  
Thrissur Escorts  
Chhindwara Escorts  
Howrah Escorts  
Kasaragod Escorts  
Koraput Escorts  
Leh Escorts  
Malda Escorts  
Morigaon Escorts  
Dwarka Escorts  
Firozpur Escorts  
Palwal Escorts 
Saran Escorts  
Siwan Escorts  
Badaun Escorts  
Kandhamal Escorts  
Raigad Escorts  
Tikamgarh Escorts  
Chhota Udaipur Escorts  
Idukki Escorts  
Kasganj Escorts  
Korba Escorts  
Lepa Rada Escorts  
Malkangiri Escorts 
Muktsar Escorts  
East Champaran Escorts  
Gadag Escorts  
Panaji Escorts  
Satara Escorts  
Solan Escorts  
Bagalkot Escorts  
Raigarh Escorts  
Tinsukia Escorts  
Chikballapur Escorts  
Imphal East Escorts  
Kathua Escorts  
Koriya Escorts  
Lohardaga Escorts  
Mamit Escorts  
Mumbai Escorts  
East Godavari Escorts  
Gadchiroli Escorts  
Panchkula Escorts  
Solapur Escorts  
Bageshwar Escorts  
Raipur Escorts  
Tirap Escorts 
Chikkamagaluru Escorts  
Imphal West Escorts  
Katihar Escorts  
Kottayam Escorts  
Lohit Escorts  
Mandi Escorts  
Mungeli Escorts  
East Kameng Escorts  
Gajapati Escorts  
Panchmahal Escorts  
Sonbhadra Escorts  
Baghmara Escorts  
Raisen Escorts 
Tiruchirappalli Escorts  
Chirang Escorts  
Katni Escorts  
Kozhikode Escorts  
Longding Escorts  
Mandla Escorts 
Munger Escorts  
Ganderbal Escorts 
Panipat Escorts  
Sonepur Escorts  
Bahraich Escorts  
Tirunelveli Escorts  
Chitradurga Escorts  
Kaushambi Escorts  
Kradaadi Escorts  
Longleng Escorts 
Mandsaur Escorts  
Murshidabad Escorts  
Gandhi Nagar Escorts  
Panna Escorts  
Sonipat Escorts  
Baksa Escorts  
Tirupattur Escorts  
Chitrakoot Escorts  
Kavaratti Escorts  
Krishna Escorts  
Lower Dibang Valley Escorts  
Mandya Escorts  
Muzaffarnagar Escorts  
Gangtok Escorts  
Papum Pare Escorts  
Sonitpur Escorts  
Balaghat Escorts  
Tiruppur Escorts  
Chittoor Escorts  
Kendrapara Escorts  
Krishnagiri Escorts  
Lower Siang Escorts  
Mangan Escorts  
Muzaffarpur Escorts  
Ganjam Escorts  
Parbhani Escorts 
South 24 Parganas Escorts  
Balangir Escorts  
Tiruvallur Escorts  
Churachandpur Escorts  
Keonjhar Escorts  
Kulgam Escorts  
Lower Subansiri Escorts  
Mansa Escorts  
Mysuru Escorts  
Garhwa Escorts  
Paschim Bardhaman Escorts 
South Salmara Mankachar Escorts  
Balasore Escorts  
Tiruvannamalai Escorts  
Coimbatore Escorts  
Khagaria Escorts  
Margao Escorts  
Nabarangpur Escorts  
Gariaband Escorts  
Paschim Medinipur Escorts  
Srikakulam Escorts  
Ballia Escorts  
Tiruvarur Escorts  
Connaught Escorts  
Kheda Escorts  
Nadia Escorts  
Gautam Buddha Nagar Escorts  
Srinagar Escorts  
Balodabazar Escorts  
Tuensang Escorts  
Cooch Behar Escorts  
Khliehriat Escorts  
Nagaon Escorts  
Sukma Escorts  
Balod Escorts  
Tumakuru Escorts  
Cuddalore Escorts  
Khordha Escorts  
Nagapattinam Escorts  
Sultanpur Escorts  
Balrampur Escorts  
Tura Escorts  
Cuttack Escorts  
Khunti Escorts  
Nagpur Escorts 
Sundargarh Escorts  
Banaskantha Escorts  
Udalguri Escorts  
Dadranagar Escorts  
Nainital Escorts  
Supaul Escorts  
Banda District Escorts  
Udhampur Escorts  
Nalanda Escorts  
Surajpur Escorts  
Bandipora Escorts  
Udham Singh Nagar Escorts  
Nalbari Escorts  
Banka Escorts  
Udupi Escorts  
Namakkal Escorts  
Bankura Escorts  
Namchi Escorts  
Barabanki Escorts  
Namsai Escorts  
Baramulla Escorts  
Nanded Escorts  
Nandurbar Escorts  
Narayanpur Escorts  
Narela Escorts  
Narmada Escorts  
Narsinghpur Escorts  
Nashik Escorts  
Navsari Escorts  
Nawada Escorts  
Nayagarh Escorts  
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