Wood floor wax yourself to feel more a sense of accomplishmentMost of my friends are clear,

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 well maintained wooden floors,High performance, low prices, Wood Flooring the most direct way is to give it waxing. Most people will choose a professional staff to operate, in fact, floor waxing is not complicated, like friends can try it yourself DIY floor waxing. Followed by step Xiaobian go! First, prepare the environment waxing, floor waxing the best choice when the weather is better, to avoid the low temperature and high humidity of the rain, when construction, excessive humidity, prone to white cloud phenomenon, and the temperature is below 5 degrees Celsius floor wax is easy to harden, unfavorable construction.
Second, construction tools and floor wax preparation A large area often use waxing waxing machine, a small area using dust mop or soft cloth. Nowadays,Corrosion pvc board many people are also available in smaller, weighing slightly less waxing machine, waxing when you can easily use. Without waxing machine, you can use simple tools dust mop, soft cloth, etc., do not look simple tools, but waxing effect is not necessarily bad, but it may be more detailed. In addition, the need to have the appropriate floor wax. Third, grooming ground, before you start waxing, you need the furniture needs waxing area collated to determine the waxing area.
But also clean the floor area, making sure not to dust or other contaminants before waxing to prevent wax finish. Clean commonly used wrung mop or a soft cloth to wipe the floor, after cleaning, the need to wait for the water on the floor is completely dry before waxing. Fourth,Waterproof non-corrosive outdoor floor waxing, roll down the fitted floor wax container and stir evenly. With a clean cloth or sponge dipped full floor wax, so as not to drip as the standard. Shake and stir floor wax, may be partial without striking at first trial, confirming that no abnormal overall waxing.
Then with a clean cloth or dust mop fully dedicated dipping wax wood floor wax, in accordance with the direction of the wood grain carefully spread the floor, speed is not too fast, do not leak coated or uneven thickness, maintaining uniform thickness. Five, polishing, generally use the way to play it twice,Long life does not fade wpc fence the first pass after the kick, then whisk again wax. Each waxing once had to wait a layer of wax is dry to the upper and lower layer of wax with fine sandpaper or a soft cloth to polish the surface until completely dry.
Posted 12 Aug 2016

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