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Posted 16 Nov 2003

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Posted 10 Sep 2022

Posted 10 Sep 2022

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Posted 20 Oct 2022

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ber says
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Posted 28 Jan 2023

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Posted 11 Mar 2023

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Posted 06 Apr 2023

ber says
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Posted 25 Apr 2023

ber says
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Posted 25 Apr 2023

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Posted 10 May 2023

Kenlegit says
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Posted 27 Jun 2023

Second storey fully air-conditioned homes located within Lentoria is a full facility condominium situated in the Lentor area within the west district. A historic landmark near Dover Mrt station and in a few leaps to Hill @ One North is just under 5 minutes away. They are fully equipped with lights, air-condition units, glass windows and wooden doors. A well-ventilated and welcoming environment in the Bukit Timah region is as shown by Watten House. It is a space with an attached toilet and wooden parquet floors. The food centres and eateries are aplenty in that area of prosperity, with smaller developments likely to be the first to gain from top line interest in the Hillock Green feedback from investor tribes, according to some regional experts.
Posted 01 Dec 2023

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