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Shanghai Zenith counterattack broken, in fact, many people are not very understanding, but this kind of crusher equipment has been widely used in many fields such as mining, production, construction and metallurgy industry. But in Silica Sand Grinding Mill in actual production, a lot of users because of not operating in accordance with the production of the correct steps, caused the equipment in a variety of problems. So what is the correct operation of Shanghai reversible counter flow type crusher? In Shanghai Zenith counterattack crusher production when the first to regularly check the production line, the wear condition of view inside the device wearing parts wear more serious condition, once found to timely repair or replacement of parts.When at work, reversible Potash Feldspar Processing Plant equipment confidential to ensure transmission triangle tape tension size should be appropriate, if too large or too small are likely to make the uneven stress, influence the production efficiency and the quality of the finished product. Zenith machine crusher equipment in the course of operation, all the operator should pay attention to not open the device to observe the internal operation situation at this time, the most easily lead to accidents. Once at run time find the impeller wear occurs or is not turning you need to find a professional repair personnel to check and repair.
Don’t secretly made removing Shanghai reversible counter impeller type crusher used, in order to avoid safety accident. The Zenith machine counterattack crusher production line in operation, will be timely to add lubricating oil equipment after the general enough to work for four hundred hours, to ensure that the friction between the equipment and materials is reduced, so that equipment can be more smooth operation. Shanghai reversible after the counterattack crusher work full two thousand hours to cleaning of bearings, and once the work more than seven thousand hours if you need to change a new bearing in a timely manner, to ensure that the equipment can be fast and efficient operation. Shanghai Zenith crusher can be said that the application is very common in the present production, but in concrete production, all users must be familiar with the basic structure and principle of the equipment and how to correct operation, familiar with every aspect of the operation of equipment. In addition, but also to the broken reversible simple maintenance of common impact crusher fault, which can not only improve my ability, also can timely solve the equipment fault, to win greater production efficiency for the enterprise.
Posted 08 Nov 2016

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