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I told you it was a Ben thing.(The next section bears a trigger warning for ableist language.)One article which sparked a great number of response posts
this week was Taylor Clark's clarification of  FIFA Coins his Jonathan Blow profile for The
Atlantic: "Most Popular Video Games are Dumb. Can We Stop Apologizing for Them
Now?" Of the response pieces, Matthew Burns's "The Animal as System," seems the
most cogent reply, arguing for a holistic view:"A game is a whole system; the

that we like to dissect are its organs. You can take issue with and maybe even improve the ponents, but what you really want is a brand new animal, a new
system where all the parts work together. By saying that Vanquish is a great
game but could benefit from better story and characters, Clark implicitly
proposes a mythical beast— the kind with the head of one animal and the body of
another."(End trigger warning section.)Nightmare Mode's Alois Wittwer remarks on
tall poppy syndrome and our fondness for "elevating" games to Madden mobile coins films. And
Unwinnable's Jenn Frank provides us with the most delightful non-review-review
of indie dev Anna Anthropy's Rise of the Videogame Zinesters:"Anthropy's real
mission is only this: a more perfect world, one in which everyone can build a
videogame. Maybe these games
be unedited and jejune and a little bit broken, as zines themselves often are, but that's supposed to be the allure. The games will be authentic, these
experiential snapshots, the works of diarists instead of artists and puter
programmers."Finally for this week's roundup: Game Design as Cultural Practice,
a blog curated by GA Tech professor Celia Pearce, has been featuring some
fantastic student essays in recent weeks (perhaps due to the end of the semester
ing up, hmm?). One of
, on the application of New Games philosophy to Alternate Reality Games, es especially remended.May the Sith be with you! Oh, you're probably dreadfully
sick of those jokes by now, aren't you? Well, nevermind, then. Just be sure to
check in with us again next Sunday for more of the best of game blogging from
around the web! And don't forget to send in your remendations by Twitter and
email as well– and yes we do wele a bit of self-promotion! Don't be https://www.mmogo.com

Posted 15 Feb 2017

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