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“They can read the game. They’ve shown him inside, shut the line off because they’re very clever off the ball. Our lad is doing what he been told to do. Chandler Parsons Womens Jersey He’s played the ball inside, but they’ve doubled up on it knowing where the pass is going. They’ve robbed it, got a counter-attack, and nearly score. The lad is berated from the sideline. Not that the kid hasn’t heard swearing before at school, but pitchside, from the dugout, really?
“Then, out of temper, a coach screams ‘Get off the pitch. Get off the pitch! Get off my pitch!’ I feel emotional now because the face of that child is right in the forefront of my mind. He has been demolished. There was no acknowledgement, no handshake. You could see that he wanted to cry and he didn’t want to show it.
“He made a mistake, but he did what we taught him, so actually we’re at fault, not the kid. He walked off down to the corner flag and I couldn’t leave him. He couldn’t speak to me. He had tears rolling down his face, and I just thought, ‘what the fuck have we become?’ To be treating so called elite talent, a maturing young man, in that way …”
England, our England. The pretence of the Premier League’s youth development strategy, in which players are defined by so-called performance clocks and coaches are turned into clerks by an obsessional desire to harvest self-justifying data, Andrelton Simmons Jersey cannot hide the ignorance and intolerance it is supposed to have eradicated. Here is McCool’s experience of another European tournament: “We played Feyenoord, who were coached by Roy Makaay, the great Dutch forward. I think about what he achieved in Spain, and with Bayern Munich, and I am in awe of him. I’m privileged to be standing in the next dugout to him. The biggest thing for me was his behaviour. I never heard one angry word out of him. Not one word.
“Our dugout is carrying on like a typical English pub football team. Quite frankly, we’re playing like one. This guy occasionally goes to the edge of the technical area, calls a kid over, and speaks quietly to him along the lines of ‘when you get the ball in that situation, maybe have a look there, or there. Do you think you could maybe move there?’ All very controlled.
“Our dugout is pumped up, like a drunken crowd at a greyhound track when the dogs come round the final bend. We’re in an elite football environment, shouting and screaming. Do we value knowledge? I see people I want to learn from, people who have pearls of information, let go by clubs because they are seen as a threat to someone who wants all his mates around him. Why do we do that?”
Posted 19 Apr 2017

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