Movie Review "COMMANDO" Mujahid Or Terror

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Movie Review "COMMANDO" Mujahid Or Terrorist?
While all the papers were full with the competition between the babes, Meera, Zara and Saima, in Commando, nobody talked about what went on with the two boys involved. But, the highlight of Syed Noor's film was a bike race involving Shaan and Momy, which takes the breath away. Jamshed Zafar's all out actioner, Commando is holding the people spellbound with its superb sequences and stunning glamour.
The question that one is faced with, in this film, is that, do the Muslims of world afford commandoes these days? Most of them are being caught by the Bush Administration as terrorists! Malaysia, where most of this film has been filmed, is the only Muslim country left with no dehshatgardi! Please don't suggest anything there too!

This thrilling movie, Commando, by Syed Noor has all the items of interest that are needed to win the nod from the' public, including a couple of good songs too. Although, Shaan and Momy have come together in another film this Eid too, that is Pappu Lahoriya (wierd Pappu, isn't he?), but the fun that this film has with both of them parrying swords, is definitely something to watch. Apart from that, Meera and Zara are also in stellar roles, and Saima, for the first time, takes the back row. Or does she?

Saima sizzles in a shorter role, but her tremendous presence in a guest appearance leaves people shaking their head. Let's admit that Saima has the screen presence to eclipse the best of the lot. So, would Meera and Zara survive in front of her solar flare?

Posted 29 Dec 2003

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