Breaking News: LOC Proving to Be a FLOP .

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I just saw this review on an indian channel Zee Music . The reasons they announced are :

1: Ladies were not interested in the movie due to its action nature , so Half crowd is off .
2: Due to excessive duration , people are finding it very difficult to sit till the end .
3: Due to excessive lenght , cinema or theater owners are charging high rates of tickets .
4: Munna bhai MBBS has sabotaged the attention of people towards LOC .
5: As their are so many stories in the movies , the crowd find it a bit difficult to remain in the movie , i mean crowd constatntly keeps on thinking , which is not a good sign for a movie .

At the end of this week this will be decided that either the movie is a hit or Munna Bhai MBBS has swept it away , however due to the nature of movie it will never be announced a flop officially , as it will be a national humiliation for indians .
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Posted 29 Dec 2003

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