Application of Floor Floor Grinding Machine

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Grinding machine is not only suitable for concrete ground floor grinding, leveling, cleaning the surface of the floating slurry and remove the old epoxy thin coating, the same suitable for grinding epoxy putty layer and epoxy mortar layer, and improve the flatness. What are the characteristics of the grinding machine?articulated tandem roller supplier

1. Ground, terrazzo, aggregate, flint or granite leveling, grinding, polishing and so on.

2. The grinding of the epoxy intermediate layer; smooth the rough surface or trowel traces.

3. Coating surface treatment, removal of surface adhesives and coating asphalt crack repair equipment supplier

4. Remove the flaws on the surface of the mortar and smooth the plaques.

5. Remove the surface of the paint, polyurethane, epoxy and so on.

6. Clean, wax and polish the hardened floor.inexpensive purchase roadway paving materials

Posted 05 Jun 2017

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