LARKI PUJABAN , What i saw in the movie !

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Today i saw LARKI PUNJABAN in a theatre in Lahore , well i have only one word to explain the movie and that is ~~DUBBA~~ .

Little outline of the movie is that two pre-partition female friends one Sikh one Muslim rejoins , Shamil is muslim's son , Saima is relative of Sikhni from india , both (BOY AND GAL) meet when sikhs come to NANKANA SAHAB and stay at Shamil's house , both falls in love , Baber who is shown Saima's fiance comes to know about their affair and then the same conventional story begins .

LAPSES , Weak Points :

Basic lapse that the movie has is the imbalance in the combination of cast . Note my words carefully i am not saying that Saima was not good , no she was ~~ALMOST Fit~~ in the role that was assigned to her , she was looking a perfect Punjaban .I admit that her heavy physique specially her figure was something that was looking over . Dark rings under her eyes were also telling the story of Saima's age . Anyways Now if the director had made his mind to pick Saima for this role he should have made some other choice with the Hero . Shamil Khan was looking her son in the whole movie . I suggest that Sana was a more convincing choice for this role with Shamil , or Shan with Saima would have done the trick .

Apart from the cast , movie was experiencing some huge directorial lapses. Director dos'nt seem to have any control over the story . Almost half of the movie goes without having the real story started , sikh visitors from india are shown to be visiting and enjoying Lahore and other places for almost half movie which was very irritating . Nothing new happened in the movie so while looking at a scene one can easily predict whats gona happen in the next scene , 95% of my guesses were right about the movie . Another interesting feature of the movie is the excessive use of dream works in the movie , 2-3 songs were in dreams , in the last song it becomes difficult to determine that either hero and heroine have met in real or it is still a dream . Sikhs were shown very very stupid and aggressive specially in a scene where father cuts the hand of his son without any investigation or warning . Propaganda against the hindus in the end was useless and foolish , there was'nt any need for that .

Summing up the essay i would say that movie has all the reasons that a movie needs to be flopped. Very, very and very weak direction , imbalance in combination of HERO/HEROINE , some weak individual acting performances including Shamil , wrong choice of dresses specially Saima whose clothes were very tight and Shamil who was wearing a P.cap in songs , some vulgar chitchats in the start of the movie by some side actors , proves to be the weak points of Larki Pujaban .

Posted 03 Jan 2004

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