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ility to the governor of province head and lend this to with one action move out the rock of in power incredibly don't connect to recruit,
simply on jilting sleeves, promise to strengthen a Du mansion to turn
round and then walk after defending.
Thus arbitrary and domineering shape Roberto Alomar Jersey spirit the Rui Cheng denounce openly and say:"A Ya Gu Ye, incredibly
dared to calculate an old man head to come up, is a really hateful
"The adult doesn't want to grieve body."Zhang Mei after livinging
finish advising wants and says:"Zhang Biao's his motive is execrable
although it is said, but words are still some truths of, this period of
time, Roberto Osuna Jersey the rebellious party activity is multifarious, Sichuan's making again
so big affair, disaster and three towns is also not impossible."
If this sentence lets Rui Cheng is also back a cold, thought of Liao
gram jade and hurriedly say:"The plum livings, these several days you
the top and bottom inside the mansion should tidy up of all put away,
silver two Russell Martin Jersey float a wealth to all first exchange into ticket in case have trouble
when the time comes, to, make the just- come up autumn tax exchanging
into the silver ticket also all just in case."
When Zhang Mei livingsed to nod to leave a governor of province
mansion, Yang Qiu also in a hurry arrived to together with He Xi 21 mix
help command post.
Arrive command post he just discover, the commanding officers of
each mark each camp all arrived and not only had Liu Wen to cure, Wang
An Lan, connect to report a disease behind be been strong by him to make
at home of Ryan Goins Jersey Chen Shan You who took a rest greater half for month and fruit Er
interest all arrived and saw he after all of 2 people are that the
complexions aren't kinds, even what Xis be all hated last.
"When, also want monkey business?!"The front Li dollar Hong lets go
of a telephone and sees 3 people still just on cross-eye of side, is
also a fire to emit three Zhang Nus to scold a way:"Your 2 people leads
troops for several years, doesn't the rules in the soldier know?Still
want me to come to teach you in person?"
The fruit Er interest is crazy in the Jiao, don't dare as well to
bicker at the moment, besides being a Wei his Ma Shou is to look forward
of Chen Shan You, hurriedly and hurriedly back a part not to dare to
talk again.See public all shut last mouth, Li dollar Hong this just
says:"Did southern lake matters all know?"
"Know, adult you say, how do."Wang An Lan hurriedly embraces a
boxing way.
In fact the Li dollar Hong is also a skin of head to become numb,
the troops inside avoids as taboo most be clean, luckily just Zhang Biao
say in telephone that the Rui Cheng didn't promise, issues order to
accept Troy Tulowitzki Jersey to pay ammunition, also just a little had peace of mind, immediately
say:"The cannon camp has an accident and also rent away weapons and
bullet, in really appalling!Can this matter but suggested for my etc. to
come to......."Vision a sweep public, continue to say:"In order to
owing to entertain for several months, although the bottom delivers
shortage, soldier's hasing some outlaws is also normal, your these
people even needs to pacify at the moment and slice can not the corporeal punishment
"The situation is difficult, my etc. is a soldier, slicing can not
draw in among them......Is all understand?"See everyone's noding should
descend, the Li dollar Hong is to just a little loosen tone to twist a
head to change direction a Yang Qiu this place:"Fruit Er interest, Chen
Shan You!Yang Qiu's first time takes a post and sign Wei is also nor
Posted 16 Jun 2017

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