bottom loosenned tone and just promised

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mal, can you two Human bodies take for tube, don't think to help Chen to still follow monkey business, what a scandal!Punish to receive March,
the tomorrow has to return to camp, can have a Yi argument?"
Entertain the silver doesn't Junior Lake Jersey calculate to 2 people for three months what, can be directly condemned a
face last some could not passed, but didn't dare to against again, can
suppress face is red, stare eye Yang Qiu just ordered to nod.
"The governor of province mansion has already appointed to cruise a
city revenue to pay each camp ammunition ……if have conflict, all endure
for me!The tube lives your soldier, don't want to ask for a disaster
for me."Li dollar the Hong air is some weariness, flick to say:"Yang Qiu
leaves, other persons all return to."
Unexpectedly the Li dollar Hong Justin Smoak Jersey wants to stay alone oneself, Yang Qiu sees everyone hurriedly ask a way
after walking:"Adult don't know that you leave me to have a matter?""
Li dollar Hong once eyes stare and say:"Yang Qiu, you well big
Suddenly and since then of Marco Estrada Jersey quick temper, let Yang Qiu puzzlingly at the same time also some skin
of heads are troublesome, pack a truly Huang truly and perhaps of the
shape intentionally doesn't understand a way:"Mark bottom the first time
lead troops, don't know where Be getting wronger, also hope adult to
point out."
See Yang Qiu drive oneself frighten, Li Mark Buehrle Jersey dollar Hong this just the Mi rise eyes to ask a way:"It is said that
you pull back two from the arms and supplies factory pretty light
machine quick cannon, can have this matter?"
Is this affair, Yang Qiu hurriedly take out have already thought a
good words:"Adult, mark the bottom just want to let the food for powder
acquaint with several more kind of weaponses, this matter I have already
kept on record Mark Lowe Jersey in the arms and supplies factory, the machine gun is to badly can not
"You need not said more, this matter what you did wasn't
satisfactory."Li dollar the Hong is malicious malicious a stared to
interrupt his words:"Although it is said Be getting worse, but I once
asked arms and supplies factory Matt Dominguez Jersey there, if running into the old teacher can also fix a machine gun to
belong to heavy Xie well and besides, the rebellious party causes
trouble everywhere at the moment, southern lake again this waits affair,
in case of throw you let how old man is give an account to the governor
of province adult?"
"Adult, this southern lake......I don't know as well."
Yang Qiu spreads a hand bitterness the facial appearance let Li
dollar the Hong is also secretly funny, however the machine gun stay in
the army camp insecurity really, besides is again now this time, so
wanted to mean to say a way:"I know your good intentions, can now is a
troublous times, you still temporary return, as for train
soldiers......You make them go to arms and supplies factory and learn
every day all right, but Michael Saunders Jersey in no case can take out again, remember?!"
The plan that has never fallen through to train machine rifleman on
the whole, Yang Qiu Xin's bottom loosenned tone and just promised down a
Li dollar the Hong went fetch an official document to pass from the
table to he, say:"You those means the old man heard, order and
obedience......Is quite good!Only afraid now 42 mark inside, your
military command is getting more without obstruction."
The old guy is really careless or is the leave
careless?Intentionally sound out me?Yang Qiu's once connecting official
document hasn't seen, truly and perhaps way:"The adult doesn't scare a
mark bottom, mark the bottom so
Posted 16 Jun 2017

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