excitedly and hurriedly open the door

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th to declare the northern ocean of the first, Yuan a life time Kai and cooperating of Ping Guo Zhang, will far than flood at the moment empty
burnt bright make people suffocate more on the city, beautiful rich Munenori Kawasaki Jersey Chinese three towns in river, can oneself protect th em?
Chapter 41 makes a choice
Dense airtight cloud flows out to round in the big river sky and
take the air of water fog almost stagnate, everybody could not feel the
fluxion of breeze, that kind of deeply however get up to suppress to let
many people all can not Anne sleep, in the barracks after putting out
the light leave a wood bed drive food for powder toss around anti- fold
to continuously roll over to press out of the voice of Zhi Zhi.
Protect to settle inside the Pat Venditte Jersey impedimenta camp out of the door, Ma Kui and the Xiao Anne's country
continuously uncover black cloth screen to outwardly look about, can
mentally dense unbearable night view but Paul Molitor Jersey make them can not see through an outside.2 people discovered a problem
towards seeing one eye, all, not long since, they all beginning's
returning go into to unattractive Yang Qiu of milli- before the Chuan to
see heart bone is for the sake of the lord.
"Ma Kui, do you say to not come?I hear river noodles up all
blockaded, the Chu Yu warship is on the river's noodles now, does he
return how to come over?"
"Stop worrying, I have R.A. Dickey Jersey already lined up a few brotherses cruised department river bank to wait
and occupied they from will report a report, besides brothers'
oversensitive, perhaps can find out a way, again etc., etc........"Ma
Kui Zui says up and like this, the in the mind is also playing the drum,
after all the tonight outside checks Gang very strict, each camps all
forbid egress, besides he is still a mark all, once being discovered to
go out without authorization, perhaps bother big.
The Xiao Anne's country also knows urgently not get, don't see Yang
Qiu Xin's bottom always get empty to fall of, simply squat down in
ordering corner of wall drought smoke.Ma Kui sees the form saying with
smile:"I say Xiao eldest brother, you can is all even database and take
of also is to mark an all pay silver, how also can not change to like to
squat down the habit of corner of wall."
"I am a mire leg son, Be Ricky Romero Jersey different from brothers to have knowledge, squat down me to still feel
more dependably."The Xiao Anne's country ha ha on smiling, after taking
out ocean fire to order up, the beautiful Zi Zi absorbed to continue to
say:"Ma Kui, do you say what attention brothers exactly beats?I don't
like rebellious party as well, even don't want to work oneslf to the
bone for full Da son, can we so two without resort to of, I always feel
not and dependably."
"I have never said to without resort to......."Has not Ma Kui
connected words and suddenly spread a voice outdoors, 2 people heard an
empress excitedly and hurriedly open the door, sees Yang Qiu take two
young military officers to walk to come in, immediately a foolish.
"Oneself person......."After Roger Clemens Jersey Yang Qiu signals hint 2 people to trust with the look in the eyes,
introduction way:"Yue Peng and Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi is all us 42
object Zuo officer, now temporary the generation camp tube take."
"The Yue Peng(Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi) once sees Xiao adult, Ma
Guan taking."
The Xiao Anne's country and Ma Kui silently halter the person of two
confidents towards seeing one eye, just a month canning and also
secretly feel deeply about Yang Qiu's means and hurriedly interchanged
civility several voices.
"Everyone doesn
Posted 17 Jun 2017

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