the oxygen not enough dizzy

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Chapter 24 marks all Lesson 1(beg to collect recommendation!) Light drizzle in, one handle oilcloth the Lonnie Chisenhall Authentic Jersey umbrella is quiet quiet stand erect at 42 mark big dead angle at the
side of camp in, umbrella next Li dollar the Hong looking at Yang Qiu of
place the center, not know is just thinking what.
Flank Wang An Lan but become Michael Brantley Authentic Jersey nervous, he got Li dollar Hong care after joining the army, now is
already mix help the staff officer, be responsible for a soldier in
daily business, Yang Qiu Yi words then Ru mix help owner, this lets how
he swallow nextly, immediately say:"Adult, this autumn is really to
wanton too much, you see......."
Li dollar Hong but very Trevor Bauer Authentic Jersey strange, is neither surprised nor strange, say with smile on the
face:"Is not not urgently hasty, keep on seeing again."Now that adults
all said like this, Wang An Lan also had to continue to beat an
umbrella, can see toward the look in the eyes in the field but many the
silk cut up rough.
Inside field in the school equally and angrily one, connect three
battalion commanders all bad malicious looking at Yang Qiu, the Yue Peng
is also that the dynasty thunder was fierce to make an expression of
eyes, the Tyler Naquin Authentic Jersey latter immediately took off clothes to peep out the whole body Jian
son meat, malicious way:"That makes me come to the artistic skill of
trying the adult."
Finish saying, also Don't mention it, left leg an across a right
boxing then path to keep the dynasty door of Yang Qiu Mian to hit.
Thunder fierce born body strong dint big, in normal times said by
martial brave good Dou Zhao, is 42 mark primeses roll knife meat, be
been called by everyone's drama to mix into the gold Lai for helping Li,
a luckily this person Jin, behave also compare the gold Lai Li battle
righteousness many, have no after getting into to enforce the law a
brigade too difficult is soldier, so in the soldier pour nothing
important bad reputation also.
Treating this kind of person Yan Gomes Authentic Jersey can in no way avoid, so Yang Qiu abruptly answered the other party one
punch, can the fist just got arm, felt to imitate a Buddha to crash into
a cast iron sort, painful the bottom getting heart poured to absorb an
air conditioner.
O.K. his facial expression is constant, see the other party second
boxing again, the body suddenly shunts half to tread, right hand
suddenly while shot is thundering a fierce elbow department, the side
opens half to tread once the left hand round, fist convex middle finger,
fiercely the shot beats at his brain after neck aorta up.
For the sake of earthquake Zhe these big head soldier, Yang Qiu
directly used studied before of on recruiting to make enemy Shu, this is
that the parallel world is another a carried crack special kind black
best Jose Ramirez Authentic Jersey move of hand in the soldiers, because the empress neck aorta wased to
bring up a cerebral key, a little bit used some dint and then would
cause brain's providing the oxygen not enough dizzy Jue, can this
recruits to use also difficult, the words having no strict training to
make an effort to prohibit cause death very easily.
The thunder is fierce to see Yang Qiu Shou rounding to come over,
originally think with lend skin Cao the meat Be thick hard to block for a
while, then left boxing up hang up to next fierce this big Gao Ge in
precept, but have never thought fist just kneaded and then felt that the
head is dizzy deeply a while, the fist also becomes to have no dint, a
short moment is in the moment abrupt behind however a black, then lose
consciousness Tan soft at groun ?
Posted 19 Jun 2017

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