Or learned to assassinate me so last night

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urst a , brand-new of take an officer be immediately dyed by the mud yellow, more let everyone's heart palpitates of BE, Yang Qiu falls flop
go to don't prop up action, finishing letting the body directly hit was
completely whole at ground up.
Can the Yang Qiu but noodles have no Joe Carter Jersey facial expression and continue to yell a way:"Shout again."
"Sign just!"Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi again is shout two times of,
Yang Qiu repeat two then this just climb, whole body mire water doesn't
wipe to go as well, turn round so to keep staring of sweeping and seeing
This for a while, the look in the eyeses of food for powder all had
some to change, inside once saw military officer Zha in normal times Zha
shout password, which have ever seen hold knife demonstration in
person?Besides everyone knows, don't do like this any prop up to think a
stick similar lie to pour, don't say first at the moment everywhere
mud, only the small pebble on the ground, the Ke arrives for a Jose Bautista Jersey while enough painful first half sky of.
But the somebody else is to poured, and return face don't fear to a
color!When the owners are all just thinking he how do next move, but
Yang Qiu have already stood as the javelin at brigade row most before,
the cold Lie shouts a way:"Act accordingly, sign just!"
"Lie to pour!"
Password again, none of owners dared to Josh Donaldson Jersey neglect and looking at Yang Qiu of whole body mud and bit a tooth to
learn his action malicious keep on lying, even if a few sting head also
at his Sen cold vision threat the bottom kept on pouring.
"North ocean with brave win, south the soldier win by learning, this
sentence you all know......."Yang Qiu doesn't shout to sign just, from
lie prone to go before the phalanx on ground in the center takes a
stroll, harsh voice shout a way:"I tell you, this isn't the honor, this
is the humiliation!"
"To, knowledge ability Qi Zhi, can clear right and wrong, but can
not help you!Because you are soldiers!Is that the demand crest wear
bullet and need to face gunfire to assault advanced soldier!"
"Sign just!"
Yang Qiu Leng's eyes sweep to see Kevin Pillar Jersey and continue harsh voice shout a way:"Nobody's hasing a meeting doesn't
kill you because you have knowledge!Is contrary to kill a to pay
learned troops to on the contrary make your enemy be getting more
satisfied, eager!"
"Lie to pour!"
The shadow of human figure falls down, voice still the Hong is
bright irritating to the ear:"What I want to see is the troops whom a
courage and knowledge lay equal stress on, not scattered have no
discipline of 42 mark......Sign just!"
"This woulds be I today want to be Marcus Stroman Jersey last Lesson 1 to you, I have already got hold of the hand of lifting
the Du adult to make, I will together eat to live together with you from
now on and lead you carry on for expect concentration training for two
"You can scold me and hate me!Or learned to assassinate me so last
night!But want ~only you at here a day, have to remember for me, train,
have a meal sleepings to even all want to give me the prison to keep
firmly in mind four words."
"Lie to pour!"
"These four words be, order, obey!"
"Follow me to do, follow me to shout."Yang Qiu stands to drink
password and soldier most before to hold.
"Sign just, orderany."
"Lie to pour......Obey!"
"Do not have a meal?All became the Niangs?I am out of hearing!"
In a password of voice, food Roberto Alomar Jersey for powder's being like is driven out of duck, a time signs just, a
time lies to pour, even if some people start doing not follow cry, can
at ?
Posted 19 Jun 2017

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