dress Shan clean battalion commander

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nearby also tearing apart throat gradually under the influence of war ally.After a short moment include take Yang Roberto Osuna Jersey Qiu that brigade does a practice at inside, all soldiers packing all
could not see original expression of eyes any further, all faces are
stained with full mud, field in the school pours at at the same time
lying of more than 1,000 personses in the quiver, together the voice
shouts billowing roll of thunder.
"Adult......Do you see?"
Inside in the corner, hopes Russell Martin Jersey distance together brush a time to sign is falling flop, fall flop at
sign a positive soldier, the high big figure hope to take the lead most
before, Wang An Lan imitates a Buddha to feel radicated in eyes needle,
connect Li dollar the Hong is all some accident, have never thought Yang
Qiu will come so all alone.
"This autumn, ha ha......It is interesting and interesting."Li
dollar Hong ha ha smiled 2, flicked to take Wang An Lan to silently
leave a big camp.
At the moment the thunder is fierce Ryan Goins Jersey already awake come over, see in addition to three battalion commander
with not very good facial expressions, others all unexpectedly in the
password of newly arrived mark all adult and lead next time a time to
sign is lying to pour, cover with is all mud and sweat dancing in the
wind, have some silly eyes.
"BE have no energy?"
"Felt painful?"
"Is this your knowledge?Did knowledge help you the good way for
thoughting of to save energy?"
Fully 100 times signing is Troy Tulowitzki Jersey positive and lies to pour, make the owner all exhausted, particularly
is in normal times inside those Shus climbed more to all can not get up
from lying position at the disciplinal Manchu soldier, all of owners are
bodies form to rock tottering.
The Yang Qiu's hands back signs and once sweeps the troops who
almost could not distinguish shape, the heart bottom is on the whole to
peep out one silk smile, these are the troops' rules, don't think solve
pay silver Marcus Stroman Jersey the somebody else will follow you, don't think that you order a
somebody else so much to the soldier and then will lift the head works
oneslf to the bone for you and only be to orderany the kimono engraves
into each brain from the Juan, just can avoid the external world of
miscellaneous read and confusion.
"The camp door opens."
"Go to a tomorrow morning from now on, as long as putting forward to
retire from the army and transfering, I promise here and in no case
procrastinate to immediately criticize, entertain a silver according to
retiring from the army standard 200% issue!But I am ugly to say fore
noodles, if you choose to leave, so tomorrow Mao the right here gather,
any dress Shan isn't whole, delay, the one who be good at Josh Donaldson Jersey to leave office to guard, train be opportunistic......"Yang Qiu points
at front door and swept an eye after death 3 stood along while, dress
Shan clean battalion commander, sneer way:"The military law is engaged
Is just probably an act too by surprise, be Yang Qiu's look in the
eyes to sweep come after, 3 people unexpectedly feel neck that being put
on a sort by the razor is suffered, even feel the fruit Er that looks
down upon him most interest the neck sweat hair handstand is behind, the
subconscious ordered to nod.
"Dismiss!"Yang Qiu swept silly Leng of full face of eye of the
thunder is fierce, corner of mouth a hang up:"Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi,
according to just of, the direct thunder is fierce to do 100 then come
to see me together with him!" ?
Posted 19 Jun 2017

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