him the weakest again suddenly

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pporting him, Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi and Yue Peng also all surprisedly to see one eye, isn't mark's governing "honest and brave Ba Tu Lu"?
"Say you not enough space, not Jose Ramirez Authentic Jersey because you have no artistic talent, but is that you don't know that
what troops are."Yang Qiu imitated a Buddha to forget just of affair,
looking at Yue Peng to continue to say:"You are this temperament, if
being probably also praised in other places were indifferent to fame and
wealth, place would become not surprised, can these are the troops!"
Voice already take last one silk is Lonnie Chisenhall Authentic Jersey harsh countenance, scold a way:"Where are the troops ?BE greatly
contend for of ground!The battlefield sergeant what soldier contended
for is who can live down, the generals contend for is who can win, bad
situation want to contend for winning, hopeless situation even want to
contend for a ray of hope, even if fight a victorious battle to also
want to contend for the advantage in future!
Can you?Look like weak thin physically then don't contend for,
self-contained physically then flighty!1's connecting to contend for
winning all doesn't dare military officer, want your He Yong?If I am a
Li adult, early make Michael Brantley Authentic Jersey you roll to go home milk the kid went!"The this time flaps a deaf hair
Kui unusual speech, let Yue Peng and Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi like was
enlightened to suddenly understand, these year 2 people are all
originally depressed because oneself didn't contend for.
"Leave, want to understand and come right away to take part in
training tomorrow morning, I will give you an opportunity."Yang Qiu
stuck out a finger to looking at Yue Peng:"Or that sentence, the soldier
is to Trevor Bauer Authentic Jersey contend for with life, contends for with enemy and contends for with
sky!If you even this also cans not does it,......Back service."
"The soldier is to contends for with life, contends for with enemy
and contend for with sky" such as heavy the hammer sort hit at 2,
remember these career in years, again see in front than their young Yang
Qiu, really feel that the white white wore so a several years soldier
to pack.
Is scathing on Yang Qiu Zui, but the in Tyler Naquin Authentic Jersey the mind is very happy, if 3 people can really become he or she this
only pole commander of or so protect a method, today this time effort
also even if don't waste, so twist a head to see toward Zhang Wen Jing
Zi You Xi:"You are a secretary in mark officer, I give you three days,
after three days the detailed data that I want a 42 mark daily pursuit
and each soldier and military officer!"
Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi just promised, Yang Qiu changed direction
thunder again fierce:"I here little Ma Bian, think stem?"
Ma Bian?Adjutant!
The Yue Peng and Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi is knowing on smiling, the
this mark all adult means is really severe, first on recruiting to make
an enemy to beat this piece of power and prestige that rolls knife
meat, connect down 100 useful sign is lying to pour will he of the
overbearing pride pull out and finally take advantage o him the weakest
again suddenly promote for the confident Ma Bian, this Yan Gomes Authentic Jersey means outside haven't those people understood what is the row,
peacetime sky fearlessly not afraid, all with fierce Ma Shou of thunder
is look forward of 42 mark crack enforce the law a brigade 100th, number
old soldier, have already become to mark the trump card in the all
adult center of palm.
A thunder of Jin is fierce to is also mouths to all match not to get
up, from enforce the law brigade Peng long directly rise to a mark of
all Ma Bian, how many classes is this ?This look like the ?
Posted 20 Jun 2017

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