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Let people seek to Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi settles down old Sha-ho of beard to grasp a text, the other impedimenta camp soldier is also
curious outside of the situations all go out and 42 mark the soldier
beat fart and Mike Piazza Authentic Jersey saw indoor leave him and Xiao Anne's country and Ma Kui San people,
Yang Qiu just asks a way:"The Xiao eldest brother there is a matters
wanting to ask you, do you recognize taking care of of incognizant arms
and supplies factory?"
Xiao Anne once the Noah Syndergaard Authentic Jersey country between the eyebrows jump, also think Yang Qiu fights with
weapons cannon factory and frighten soft-voiced way:"I say brothers,
this but drop the affair of head!"
Yang Qiu hurriedly says with smile:"The eldest brother wanted to go
there, my having eight heads didn't dare to fight with weapons cannon
factory as well now and just serve as soldier so long all don't know Jacob deGrom Authentic Jersey factory inside what appearance, and the bullet of my pistol used up
quickly, it is can hardly for the bullet of this kind of caliber to buy,
need to exclusively look for person to order to build."
" This matter?"
"To."See Xiao Anne country surprise, Yang Qiu hurriedly asks a
way:"How?I again where Be getting wronger?"
"I say brothers, you......Ha Dwight Gooden Authentic Jersey ha!"The Xiao Anne's country and Ma Kui smiled at the same time, Yang
Qiu Er Zhangs could not touched brains, and the former explains a
way:"You are 42 mark marks all!All of the sun of the man this boundaries
are what things your to defend area, don't take care of, would not°
until from here pass in and out to all need you to look over first go,
want to order to build a few bullets......Still use to round curved son
of so big?Directly seek arms and supplies factory to take care of to say
that model number or sample are all right."
Yang Qiu's directly silly eye, has never thought 42 mark right so
big, but want and feel not to, ask a way:"Not to, I have already
adjusted whole markses to all come back concentration training and
cruise to defend at ordinary times who is being responsible for?"
"Is an arms and supplies factory Darryl Strawberry Authentic Jersey security corps, probably have 500 come to number person, according to
reason these people all belong to a governor of province mansion to rule
over, but the governor of province mansion woulds not like to take care
of these miscellaneous matters, either, so these year they mostly
follow 42 marks, outside also someone they call 42 mark 4 camps."Ma Kui
sees Yang Qiu really don't know, gave him small and soft to explain to
get up.
People's regiment and security corps of originally late pure period
aren't independent, although nominally is an all self-moving armed
organization, can all actually want to be subjected to forbearance of
garrison forces in the region, particularly is G son year after, for
taking back a soldier the right imperial government enlarged for taking
charge of this organization and mostly handed over to local troops or
mansion Ya to manage, the arms and supplies factory is the arsenal works
of the most important imperial government, so in addition to 42 mark
station nearby, also Tom Seaver Authentic Jersey especially the idea set set up security corps, and all drew up training
and material according to the regular army.
Yang Qiu has never thought an inside to still have so several ways,
some penitence just didn't ask Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi by
himself/herself, otherwise couldn't make, either so a become a joke.
"At the right moment, you send me this gun bullet to also consume a
lot and wait a meeting me to go to with you together to seek to take
care of to ?
Posted 20 Jun 2017

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