hurriedly stopped mouth and said with

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aration and take out those guys that we hide all, by this time don't also hide Yi!Hum......We hid, nest several years, also the makes an
enjoy well!"
"Eldest brother, the Rui helps a lord there......."
"Take care of his fart!A Niangs, the Casey McGehee Jersey Ba wears that seat quite a few for year and waits we to accomplish
anything, Lao Tze pours and tastes delicate meat of thin skin of her
that body what taste!"
"Hey Hey......."A few rascals with one voice and trivially smiled
and said with smile:"That whether we can also drink some soup......."
"The affair that drinks soup postpones to Chris Heston Jersey say again, that often four also not easy to handle."Jin Lai Li finishes
saying, the finger played to walk cigarette butt, greedy of swept eye
prosperous avenue, malicious way:"Prepare more some white
towels......Bind on the arm when the time comes, we also make a
revolution well!"
The disaster that chapter 44 cigarette asks for
Treasure kind inside the 14th is only George Kontos Jersey door only the small building of hospital, because of Hankow Russia rent
inside the boundary, although everyday enter pass in and out a person
many, nothing important matter India policeman can't take care of,
either, after all at rent Chinese people of merchant inside the boundary
a lot of, more busily also have than this.
Liu together just got to doorway, see party person, Tang Zi Hong, ,
saw his rib the bottom binding a spool of and very thick thing to
hurriedly gather together to ask a way in the past:"Eldest brother Tang,
you what is this ?"
Tang Zi Hong is a literature agency old man, start to be responsible
for an outer circle work after decided to start an uprising, donating
to Liu Gong so much money is to respect and admire very much, besides
Liu Gong is still Gregor Blanco Jersey an already decided premier, so see is his younger brother don't deceive
as well and say:"These are 18 star ensigns, we just rushed through to
make out."
"18 star ensigns?To me see a line not?"
Liu didn't together and never once see 18 star ensigns, so is very
curious, because of have no outsider at Tang Zi Hong also simply
launched flag, flag one person many Gao, after launching than double arm
return breadth.
Tang Zi Hong sees Liu together Hunter Strickland Jersey ignore a solution, also explanation way:"Black nine capeses
representative « Yu Gong »medium jot down of hope, Yan, green, slowly,
the Yang, Jing and Yu, beam and Yong are nine states, 18 little Huang
Yuan Xing represents 18 province, righteousness Yu 18 province with one
mind join force, unified to overthrow full Da son, waited important
event empress interest's allowing this was a national flag!"
"Is true of!"Wearing with Liu's two eye Shans is excited of
light:"So start revolution that day, is this noodles flag about to put a
governor of province mansion?"
"That is certainly, not only want to put a governor of province
mansion, each city gate, barracks, Ya door, even put on streets, you
walked down the street, was a military government at that time the
premier's younger brother was getting more imposing!"
Tang Zi Hong more says it's more Buster Posey Authentic Jersey excited, can Liu together and suddenly feel some not to, ask a way:"Not
to, how just 18 save?Northeast, Mongolia, Tibet and none of Xinjiang at
Tang Zi Hong's air is one Jiang, say:"All of those are the ground of
different clan, the northeast is also the old house of full Da son, how
to mark my Hahn people's inside in the flag!"Finish saying, ignore Liu
and spirit to shout of walk.
Liu together vomits and knows that oneself dropped a clanger,
however thought
Posted 20 Jun 2017

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