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d a few attendants, wear slack suit detailed do to loiter about to walk R.O.C area and rent boundary to hand over to remit of Xin way out up
investigation geography.
The Yue Peng introduction Lonnie Chisenhall Authentic Jersey way:"The Xin way out is China boundary and rents handing over of
boundary and remits place, totally having four ways can get into and
rent boundary, the ways all compare breadth, moreover big Zhi door there
the railroad can get into and rent boundary, these several days I took a
person to see several days and got into big parts of time of road of
renting the boundary is all guarded by India policeman, but Japanese
soldier often comes, and they take care of very strictly and still beat
several strangers that prepared to lend a way from here last time."
"His Ma isn't virtuous, a Michael Brantley Authentic Jersey Japanese again, really do know which rebellious parties why still so
like Japanese, they stick out of" one who has no to produce can not go
into inside live"of brand, maternal grandmother!And"the Chinese people
and dog can not go into inside" again with two kinds?!"Talk of is Ke
Shao, is a big piece head, not only is one of the machine riflemans of
the academic association use machine gun at the earliest stage, also
because behaved a straight forward comparison neutral, was promoted to
come up when the Yue Peng contemporary reason tube took.
The Yue Peng stared a his Jose Ramirez Authentic Jersey eye and signaled hint a small voice subsequence to continuously say:"A
brigade(connect) is basic and then can block Xin way out, close to
river's side is to canvass business bureau and maritime customs mansion,
cruise to catch building also over there, these several days, the
information tightly and there also strengthened guard, having a brigade
can ensure to take down.
The only big Zhi door is more disorderly, there of the road is
narrow, and the branch road is many, and then is a train station, will
appear a lot of crowd of running away from disasters, at least two
brigades Trevor Bauer Authentic Jersey just can blockade!Leave simple, Hankow pass in and out for a railroad
and waterway wharf, the foreigner wharf prohibits Chinese people's use
again, so as long as chasing southeast two door per, China area wharf
blockades, completely can thoroughly blockade."
"Telephone bureau there you also want idea and immediately break off
with hand the telephone of leading to the martial Chang after starting,
the telegraph office also wants momentary blockader to get up, in fine a
Tyler Naquin Authentic Jersey words, China area has to thoroughly blockade."
"The telegraph office is all right, can telephone......The foreigner
contacts Wu Chang is also walk this line, clipping meeting
can't......."The misgiving of Yue Peng hasn't finished saying, Yang Qiu
says with smile:"Is not ten days again, half month, at most two
foreigners also can't how, greatly not they seek you behind you say
deep-fried break, is rushing to repair, definitely and as early as
possible resume."
Yue Peng wants is also, the Yan Gomes Authentic Jersey short time interrupteds foreigner how also not definitely really, say
with smile:"The blockader Hankow has no a great problem, as long as
action quickly I can promise for a night, Wu Chang cans not gets news,
it is those bandit and seller's adult to pour, how do you feel to do?"
"You play by ear by yourself."Yang Qiu
wanted to think and took care of a way:"Other of I ignore, but man the
Ye Ping be Hankow hasing a branch, you think a way to move for a while,
and the attention controls degree of heating......."
Man Ye Ping!The Yue Peng is got a fright, Russia that just wanted to
talk distance rents inside the boundary but rings out a ?
Posted 21 Jun 2017

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