whether hear when thinking a way

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y beat, how do we do?" "What start an uprising, do they Joe Biagini Jersey have bullet?The bullets are all locked at in!"Another database soldier
disagreed to point the big warehouse of pointing the behind, and then
pointed new works that point these two days' start building, despise
way:"The lo lo is this high wall front door, have no bullet, we can
block a several No.1000s the person is not a problem."
"To block you to block does Lao Joe Carter Jersey Tze still want to live several more day!My audibility said that that
calls Sun Wern of, his younger brothers all the parties came, also
adjust come 3,000 white dress soldier."
"You his Niang of, and also red Niang son, clean gossip
irresponsibly."When several database what soldier took out that guard a
door were thrilling to smile to make, suddenly hear the car wheel voice
that the distance spread a Jose Bautista Jersey burst of Zhi Zhi, immediately be got a fright, hurriedly throw away a
smoke gun to shout a way:"Who?"
"The impedimenta camp receives order to come to transport ammunition
to support 31 marks and open the door quickly and quickly, don't want
to hold up important event."On listenning to is an impedimenta camp, the
database Josh Donaldson Jersey soldier hurriedly sends one person go to look into, other several
people's pouring is to be like a mold to properly carry a gun alert,
also one person runs to admire Qi to open Si machine before the gun, Ma
Kui in the distance secretly wants to smile, this kind of machine gun
wants to have fun to turn to want 3 people most at least, now a ,
connect canvas' playing and taking and cringing along while haven't
packed into, pure scare a person.
Send of database soldier carry last gun on database soldier's back
walk to about a to see, just the detection is indeed as expected an
impedimenta camp, 100th, the number is all person's more than 40
Malaysia cars, Kevin Pillar Jersey see arrive according to stipulating to don't take a gun in the soldier,
so also let go of heart to ask a way:"The tube takes adult, don't
"Go into Chuan of 31 mark out a matter, governor of province adult
life I wait to soon and soon send army supplies to go into Chuan to help
meet an urgent need, the Ma is virtuous!Lao Tze still wants that is
taking advantage o comfortable for these several days to take out
severals, this under still don't know which day can come back, get,
satisfy for the brotherses first."See Ma Kui take out a box of big
smoke, a few database soldier's heavy smokers immediately eyes become
bright, the favour connects to come over to nod to admire a waist
way:"The adult a little bit treats, small of this notifies."
There was a big smoke to help a Marcus Stroman Jersey strength, reported letter the database soldier run quickly and soon
came right away cabin at the side of armory, inside although the Xiao
Anne's country just at and two warehouses take care of to drink small
wine, can the in the mind have already urgently must suppressed whole
body hot the sweat is just thinking whether hear when thinking a way to
open slips away the soldier come to report impedimenta camp to gets
arms, once the immediately pleased tip of brow pick, on the mouth but
scold way:"What about beard what, so late, who meeting to get a
Because already over 6:00, plus recent information tight, each camp
tube takes military officer early early of rush through soldier to
return to barracks, so flank 2's taking care of is secretly stunned, not
understand how so late return to get arms.
"Make what ghost!"
Xiao Anne the country pretend in a great rage peanut grain to once
the table throw and took 2 to take car ?
Posted 22 Jun 2017

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