The End Of Landa Bazar.

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ok i saw the ending - and all i can say is the yawar kamal scene with the mehr's was ok. and jaji's scenes with juni bangriawala were fantastic!!! bali's (babar ali's) talent was wasted ever since hukam entered the drama.

truth is they should have ended the drama and hanged bali - for a powerful storyline, cuz up until then the drama was awesome and gripping! i was just ecstatic about prolonging the drama because i'm mad crazy about babar ali......and it was good cuz he was there on my tv every week - but hukam ruined everything!!!!!! his last scene from lat week was terrible!!!!! he should have shut up! it was worse than any performance by sultan rahi ever!!!!!

also, i think even though the drama was prolonged it still could have been ok....all khalil ur rehman qamar needed to do was pick up the pace - and hukam should have remained evil as he was, mehr chiraag should have mourned the death of hukam and changed his ways and mehr mubarak should have been as he was from the beginning...the writer was an idiot for cutting down mehr mubarak and bali's role. also juni bangriawala was a waste of time! jaji should have faced off with mubarak at the end.

i used to hate suraya batool......but when her story was replaced with the hukam love story - i was begging for her to come back!!! suraya batool should have softened at the end and become a mother o her children in her own way...also zafer and urouge nasir should have stayed to patch up with bali. and we should have seen zohra and bali after their marriage.

khalil ur rehman qamar if you are listening!!! i am really mad!!!! but i will watch your next venture only if it has kashif mehmood, babar ali(of course) and faisal qureshi - these guys are so talented and farah shah, urouge nasir too.

ab bas.
Posted 04 Jun 2003

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