him has to be again checking to make

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lingly clear bayonet frightens Li Ke Javier Lopez Jersey Guo hurriedly withdraw previous remark a way:"Calculating me didn't
say, I didn't also see, brothers I didn't also do at ordinary times what
ill news, you as long as doing not harm my life, though take to would
Ma Kui doesn't want to harm Li Ke Guo's life as well, after wanting
to want to say:"Adult Lee is all oneself brothers, we don't want to harm
you as well, as long as wait meeting you escort our camp door, we then
put how are you?"
All drive stare at forehead that dares to also refuse, Li Ke Guo
hurriedly ordered several bottoms just wanted to talk, suddenly heard
far and far spread to stir-fried a bean generally intensive gun
voice.Hear a gun voice Jean Machi Jersey Ma Kui and the Xiao Anne's country but suddenly excited must jump, the
food for powder is also a shot palm reading to celebrate!2 people that
dares to also delay and hurriedly directs everyone to beat a horse to
start on journey.
The engineering corps that garrison side at this time has been
already jumped as well, Luo Bing fluently and Ma Rong is also try very
hard to of shout his/her own person to gather, then jump up eminence to
want to see the Jeremy Affeldt Jersey circumstance in the armory first, can just open eyes, see suddenly ring
out an intensive gun voice inside the armory, up to 100 soldiers
protecting several ten wagons is hurtling to the database door.
"What is the row?This BE.....The brothers of that camp?How does the
nobody notify us?"Ma Rong's eyes are all silly, keep hanging up to
looking at those soldiers several database soldiers who guard a door
beat of cry a dad call the Niang hid, also not wait him understand,
these aren't done know where came out the soldier guard a gate like
bandit that stands admire the Qi open Si machine gun also Joaquin Arias Jersey directly move last wagon, connect database the soldier leave of bullet
and man sun's building don't pass, then run about wildly all the way to
cruise to take charge of a river direction to run.
" Is have already encountered bandit?"See these shipment machine gun
speed the quickest, disappear the soldier who doesn't know to whence
come out in the distance for short several minutes, Luo Bing's following
Buster Posey Women's Jersey is also a silly eye, however seeing the front door he responds quickly,
already there is no soldier garrisoning and hurriedly yell a way:"Rob
bullet quickly!"
Station to hope the engineering camp of set at Chu only a left
brigade, there is among them also none of near halfs being a party
person, so Luo Bing fluently took the soldier whom more than 60s have no
bullet with Ma Rong Zhi, originally thinking can pick up cheapness, as
long as hurtled into a warehouse and then canning soon organize, can
have never thought the Xiao Anne's country and Ma Kui so on making, Chu
hopes the remaining several ten database soldiers inside the set are all
waked up with a start, waited they to threw three to fall four to
arrive to before look into, is exactly 2 people to take a troops to
inside blunt of time .
The database soldier trains Buster Posey Youth Jersey to lack, and outside of cruise to catch about, but at least the
somebody else has a gun to have bullet, besides database soldier again
throw three gun of falling four to can't throw down, eithers, see
someone to inside blunt, and then didn't know to just take place what
affair, "aware of self" started resist of"invade" combat.
Gun voice and light of fire of bang bang frighten Luo Bing fluently
jump with Ma Rong Yi, having never thought the database soldier of the
peacetime garbage sort dares open fire to he or she's these regular
armies, is just ?
Posted 22 Jun 2017

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