stop for rest there for several days

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e nearby and just only one left the infantry camp and a cannon camp, military officer also left Liu Wen cure, Wang An Lan et al, desolate
inside the command post many.Li dollar Hong's sweeping an eye is almost
frightenned Andrew Miller Authentic Jersey Wang An Lan who must fall down by the explosion voice and ask a
way:"How to say Yang Qiu."
Wang An Lan settled to stop and think, repeated way:"Adult, Yang Qiu
says 42 marks to have already all together remained on standby, is
waiting for your order, moreover still say......."
"When, return speak hesitatingly!"See he talk flicker, Li dollar the
Hong is malicious malicious a strike table.Wang An Lan which dare to
also delay, hurriedly say:"He says that ignore Wu Chang this place how,
he settle however Carlos Santana Authentic Jersey will protect adult thoughtful, also say regardless the adult makes what
choice, he is the foreign help of adult!"
"Foreign help......."The Li dollar Hong read to descend these two
meaningful words, corner of mouth not behavior detection of on hanging
up, continue cold face way:"The rebel gang revolts now, each camps all
have been already acted in cooperation, Er etc. eats imperial government
to receive Lu in normal times and is subjected to imperial government
special kindness, should serve faithfully to guard Corey Kluber Authentic Jersey stanza this time, will never can make a mess of!"
Liu Wen cured to listen to a Li dollar the implication of the Hong
and hurriedly said:The adult trusts, I 41 mark still have two camps in
the outside, Yang Qiu of 42 mark also remain on standby in the opposite
shore, these rebellious parties in no case dare to lightly raise wild
"Yes, still I mix help public Francisco Lindor Authentic Jersey together."The Li dollar Hong feels deeply about 1 and wave hand to make
the close Wei of confident fly to sketch descend a few words say:"You
seek Wu Zhao Lin and hear that I am him in the conductor, you give° this
him, should never attempt to is seen, he necessarily can't kill you
after seeing."
The close Wei hears that the life contains assurance and hurriedly
rushed out command post.
The gun voice of outside also Jason Kipnis Authentic Jersey becomes more and more intensive at this time, a few shells again fall
at command post neighborhood, Liu Wen cures to wait military officer to
become nervous more and hurriedly inquires a way:"Adult, now we......."
"Sail against the current......Rather drift down the river, just
just."The Li dollar Hong puts a hand after saying the sentence has no
head words that have no tail:"You all return to, slicing can not
participate in mutiny, if beat to come to advise Wei for the good
speech, if they open fire to scare don't be confused to counter-attack
as well, as for soldier how make let him go, the this matter old man is
getting more beyond the power to care."
Listen to him so Joe Carter Authentic Jersey so say, the military officers are finally greatly loose tones to take
leave in succession, the Li dollar Hong doesn't know to go as well at
this time where, Liu Wen cures to see a form to immediately say:"The
adult might as well go to me to stop for rest there for several days and
waited my matter to settle again come back."
"It is all right."The Li dollar Hong promised down very generously.
"The bullet came, the bullet came......."The soldier is excitedly
yelling a voice, is seeing the finger of Yue Peng of map in the room one
Zhan grow comfortable tone and wait to just a little recover to come
out door after just see, a few wagons have already stopped at army camp
in the center, a few anxious soldiers immediately pry open a box, the
bullet of golden yellow immediately spills down.
When ev ?
Posted 23 Jun 2017

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