Biao Dou must not as well happy

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y is be not......."The soldier who makes collective report interrupted 2 people's thoughts and feelings, the Yue Peng clapped to clap Zhang Wen
Jing Zi You Xi:"The adult affirms to have his/her own attention so, we
or Joe Biagini Jersey make a good brave fellow before he come back......."
Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi also knows that taking down at the moment
is the Hankow the most important, hurriedly says:"Hang ambition just
says with me and Hankow cruises a city camp to have two to stand a
machine gun to garrison here, we have no big gun now, light depend bomb
and rifle, perhaps......."
The Hang ambition that just Joe Carter Jersey finished receiving bullet immediately said after hearing:"There is big
"Is there big gun?Where?Say quickly!"The Yue Peng originally became
nervous the problem of thermodynamic power shortage and heard Hang
ambition say big gun, an arrows trod to hurtle to his in front, poured
to give Jose Bautista Jersey the Hang ambition a fright, the head of Nao Nao said with
smile:"Canvassed business yesterday the bureau came to ten Chiang-Nan
factories to imitate Germany building to build a gram of Lu Bo Shan Pao
and heard originally should be add for these several days to mix help a
cannon camp."
"Is this true?"
"This matter doesn't dare to say leave words, I at canvass business
there are severals in the bureau does obeisance a sub- brothers, is what
they told me while drinking yesterday."
Hear Hang ambition say Josh Donaldson Jersey so, the Yue Peng also knows leave not, canvassing business the bureau
is original can be treated as government-operated imperial government
arm supplier, these year eight a lot of purchases in the town are all
adopted to do by their hand, so immediately say:"Text view, you take a
brigade first cruise a city camp to round, leave the person captures
maritime customs mansion, Fan database these important places according
to the plan, I canvass business in person bureau to take big gun."
Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi just Kevin Pillar Jersey wanted to walk suddenly and think of just the soldier made collective
report of affair, hurriedly pulled him to ask a way:"Bandit and suddenly
and violently the people's affair?"The Yue Peng early knows that he
will have so to depress to say with smile on asking:"Full Da sons will
be overthrown and Hankow need a new order naturally!"
"See to us self-contained Yue adult from the life, also want to be
dirty, ha ha......."Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi isn't a dogmatic person,
besides he before still the secretary officer in the soldier, know to
keep naturally a troops need how much .
Hankow and man sun Marcus Stroman Jersey gun the voice ring out at the same time of time, Rui Cheng inside the
wide governor of province mansion in the lake has already urgently must
been like hot the ant on the pot, explosion and machine gun outside and
continuously ringing out strafe to be like needle more to go toward his
in the mind all of a sudden firm, a strength walks around in the
den.Don't see him and Zhang Biao Dou must not as well happy, spare no
effort to want renew for Qing Dynasty, can talk about to fight but don't
master in, so Du mansion after defending all need to depend on southern
lake cannon camp affairs be adjusted by Zhang Biao come of original 29
mark mark all Li Xiang Lin.
Li Xiang Lin is still pretty responsible of and cruised the more
than 1,000 soldiers and army and police that the city camp adjusted from
three towns and also went to battle to direct campaign in person, just
these troops fighting strength badly, the luckily organic gun helps,
this just held up a rush lack coordination and conductor of start revolu ?
Posted 23 Jun 2017

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