the diagram is indiscriminately quiet

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?tion a soldier.But he still fears want to die, after all fight isn't infighting, this is to frequently drop the affair of head.Is more
important, Li Xiang Lin even if vanquish be grasped to also not
necessarily die, but it this Roberto Alomar Jersey Manchu......That but is certain to die!
"The adult backed and backed!"Just between each misgiving, Li Xiang
Lin already the whole body murderous look walk to come in and see Rui
Cheng hurriedly report good news a way:"Adult, the mark bottom has
already beaten back their aggressions, here temporarily safety."
"Too like, too good!"
The Rui Cheng was excitedly Roberto Osuna Jersey like a kid to jump, can he especially the idea stay at nearby of"back
route", Chu Yu warship the tube take Chen De Long can not paste lane,
ask a way:"Mark all adult,say these rebellious parties to so anxiously
Li Xiang Lin stared Chen De Long, heart way everyone is to mix a
work, why the need for!See Rui Cheng a dynasty oneself seeing and
hurriedly saying:"The adult trusts, although they are organizing to take
the offensive for Russell Martin Jersey the second time,under the mark the organic gun helps and lifted Du
adult to there also drag along many rebellious troopses, affirmation can
ensure adult safety, until imperial government battalion source."
"That good."The Rui Cheng also knows that Li Xiang Lin really made
an effort, the heart bottom sighed tone and instructed 1, allow a lot of
falsely promise, just make him go out to continue to resist, can person
a walk his facial expression Kua, pull Zhang Mei to living to ask a
way:"The plum livings, you see tonight......Can how is good!"
Zhang Mei livings to Ryan Goins Jersey be just a scholar, governor's office expert, completely ignorant to
military, also think only several 100 revolt a soldier, so very resolute
answer way:"Adult.Student's my humble opinion, the rebellious troops is
just a group of Dans and lacks to unify conductor, so want ~only the
adult is here, can stabilize public, plus now outside the sky is too
black open widely person and Li adult to adjust a soldier inconvenience
in disorder, as long as insisting early dawn, these rebellious troopses
don't dare to fight again naturally."
Chen De Long a listen to fire, he is a pure martial man, dislike
scholar most this set of, yell a way:"The adult body fastens peace or
chaos in the E province, it is can hardly for tonight riot to
anticipate, can Ryan Tepera Jersey in no way let the adult can not be risky and still get to my warship
first up, as usual can direct even Pan in my adult."
Zhang Mei livings a scholar temper, now that opens mouth to carry it
through, so doesn't let as well:"The adult can not walk!Once the adult
walk, the Du office public necessarily spreads and certainly loses
Outside beat noisily, in Troy Tulowitzki Jersey fight is also that the smell of gunpowder is hundred percent, the Rui
Cheng doesn't know to listen to Liao whom the whose have to hide to
think that the diagram is indiscriminately quiet, had never thought an
inside to also become ant nest, is directing the servant girls to tidy
up valuables inside the room a gram as well the jade sees him coming in
to hurriedly ask a way:"Adult, outside how?But......."
"The madam trusts, temporarily is still safe."
The Rui Cheng gave birth to Zhang Mei to say out with Chen De Long's
opinions all, Liao gram the jade is also secretly anxious after hearing
here.If the heart way continues and guards here, perhaps is really a
fish and dies the net breaks of situation, man greatly not eat a bullet
and settle a dispute, can she is a women folk, and then often listen to
outside sa
Posted 23 Jun 2017

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