deploy warehouse and palisades behind

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nt one regiment within book, after Joe Carter Jersey letting the soldier launching on seeing is also foolish to live, cloth
book is unexpectedly one noodles flag, draw one to put a double on the
flag wings, proud head fierce tiger for giving a long whistle, fierce
tiger four feet step in the sea of blood, there is still in the sea of
blood clusters of bones cushion it up, not only lifelike, more give
people a kind of ferocious, bloody feeling.
When proper 2 people small Jose Bautista Authentic Jersey and soft tasty put the meaning that the wings fly a tiger and flag,
after death but spread a voice:"The fierce tiger puts wings and has
ambition at cloud for sky and roars and shouts vast sky, voice
earthquake open countryside!Ha ha......Seeing to you the ambition of
that mark all adult can be not small!"
The command post is Josh Donaldson Authentic Jersey established to three camps to halt a ground of big camp, the outside
all is controled again now, usually person basically enter not come, so 2
people hurriedly twist a head to see go and wait after seeing a clear
bearer, Mou light at the same time a pleased:"The son is pure, you
Sung son is pure to sigh tone, take off a hat to hang up at the
finger of last wry smile way:"There beat the vexed person is matchless,
originally want to seek you to drink tea chat, have never thought you
more Kevin Pillar Jersey noisy."He is saying and walking to the front of the flag, see for a
long time behind just say:"Is the good military flag what you who
Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi and Yue Peng mutually sees a to smile, the
unanimous opinion says:"In addition to we are also that adult, can have
who......Can anticipate enemy's first timing, so early prepare these
Sung son is pure drive 2 people the words of the unanimous opinion
make a foolish, is just wanting to ask in detail, hear and have a hasty
report to spread:"The tube takes, wharf report, there are three gunboats
just toward the this place drive!"
Gunboat?!Don't say Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi and Yue Peng, connect
still don't know the detailed Sung son is pure to all sink under the
facial expression, Wu Chang this place of although gunboat not big, the
warship Marcus Stroman Authentic Jersey cannon isn't army's cannon, three gunboats are good enough to change a
lot of things!
"Pull all of the big guns in the past, the each camp and each
brigade careful river ascended bombardment!Contact man sun, ask fort in
Kuei-shan to have to take down, work well to support our
preparation!"The order of Yue Peng makes Sung son pure to secretly
admire urgently and clear, seeing 2 people already urgently rush out to
go to behind also the Duo stamp foot to make track for up.
When Sung son is pure to arrive Joe Biagini Jersey river's side, is already on sending like facing mortal enemy shape,
connect just paid to get of admired Qi to open Si machine the guns was
all lifted eminence by the soldier, 10 Chiang-Nan built a gram of 75
millimeters of field artilleries to Lu uncle to also spread out to
deploy warehouse and palisades behind, shell also already all last Tang,
the infantries are to all right on the spot hide to wait for greeting
warship cannon of fierce bomb.
Follow a warehouse in river inside, Yue Peng part to nearby of
military officer deployment task, simultaneously scold a way:"Do you say
what ghost Chen De Long makes?Don't beat Wu Chang, but come what do we
do here?"
"Couldn't the meeting be the action discovering a this place to rush
through to crack down on?"
"Discovering the action ?
Posted 26 Jun 2017

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