fight indiscriminately of martial Chang city

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is affirmative."At this time Sung son Jose Bautista Authentic Jersey is pure have already walked to flank, once connected Zhang Wen Jing Zi
You Xi's words head analytical way:"But he leaves the martial Chang of
importance come Hankow, see only two possibilities according to me."
"A is Wu Chang have already doomed."The point of Yue Peng nods to
say:"Depending three gunboats can't continue to support, so rather come
to Hankow beat several cannon, also province be up punished resist the
dint be second, likely to be not......."
Sung son is pure to go to German Roberto Alomar Jersey army's college to study abroad together with Yue Peng in those early
years, after returning to country again underwent military service in a
troops, so went together with to put together extremely tacit
understanding, see one eye river forecastle Wei of noodles light after,
immediately after said:"Rui Cheng or on the warship, Zhang Biao see Wu
Chang Shou not to live and then prepare to come to Hankow continue to
keep without change."
"Your 2 people's pouring is Roberto Osuna Jersey inspiration."Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi blinks eyes very naughty a
smile:"If is the second, that I suggest to don't beat first and pretend
to greet one more to raise a control, also save of soldier's harm."
"It is a good way."Yue Peng finishes saying and joined the army to
once connect telescope in officer's hand, abrupt while waiting until a
mirror slice to aim at the Yu warship of the most anterior Chu however
the mouth open widely, eyes hair keep, hoping the shadow of human figure
brain for acquainting with has lockout.
Strange appearance Zhang Wen Russell Martin Jersey Jing Zi You Xi who sees him is also got a fright, was also that the
whole body is stiff, doesn't know after raising telescope etc. to see
clear how describe, imitate a Buddha in front and isn't a gunboat
dangerously, but the old turtle that saw Kuei-shan re- changing back in
the myth, also stood to jilt to wag tail toward him.
Sung son is pure to is more careless, hurriedly pull Yue Peng to ask
a way:"How?"
Yue Peng this just responds to Ryan Goins Jersey come over, corner of mouth suddenly a Kua point at the gunboat of
window open air to say:"You see by yourself."Finished saying to fill the
telescope to his bosom, Sung son was pure which dare to delay, after
canning wait to see clear is also keep stunned, a long time is just
stammer to say behind:"This.....This, you this mark govern exactly is
which road fairy?"
Mark all adult to leave for Wu Chang in person, captured alive Rui
Cheng to still pay to get to Hankow threaten three biggest gunboats!
The news delivers to open in two camps and three campses like the
tornado sort, a short moment empress even opposite of Chinese sun also
knew, everyone is since the excitement feels unimaginable again and take
more than ten guns hurtle into gunfire horizontal fly two soldiers to
fight indiscriminately of martial Chang city, a bullet has never beaten
and then give° the Rui Cheng to grasp!Still Troy Tulowitzki Jersey conveniently wear give° three gunboats of Chen De Long and navy to
bring back come, relieved Hankow and man the biggest threat of the sun
two sides!
This may?The Rui Cheng is a little bit timid, can Chen De Long is
not a big cabbage either!Didn't say first to hold tight him still and
don't disturb outsider to there are difficulties much from the
disorderly soldier, only find out perhaps worry to die owner?Can see to
mark all adult, none of first, once two hours arrives, solved a party
the person made quite a few for year and hadn't worked out till now of
problem!The food for powder more spreads more evil, made to till the
last connect Y ?
Posted 26 Jun 2017

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