people also all see fit to execution

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."Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi just passed the arms detailed list that he does to Yang Qiu. "18 gram Lu field artillery Authentic Brandon Crawford Jersey uncle can draw up a set and set up a specialized cannon camp according
to the north ocean, 3657 millimeters of mountain cannon rather stir fort
to Kuei-shan, had better be can when the west face establish one more
fort, so two forts can completely protect a man sun, can also overaly
greater half Hankow China area and Wu Chang, in addition we now have 5
camps and 3 brigades, sky bright after send to the man to all of the
captive the sun accept plait Authentic Buster Posey Jersey for a while, plus and decline a soldier and estimate can still just the
set set up 2 camps and added cannon camp and impedimenta camp to have 8
camps like this.Gun's paying currently ammunition is just enough,
weighs thermodynamic power the top differed some, particularly is a
machine gun......."The Yue Peng that once stayed to learn in Germany
thinks greatly of more to the machine gun than the others, so worries
the problem of machines gun shortage most .
"State tree Kai?"Thought Authentic Madison Bumgarner Jersey of a machine gun Yang Qiu hates tooth Yang, Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi
immediately says:"Before fear to have an accident, so temporarily and
those things bring back together man sun."
The Yue Peng puts forward of expanding and weaving the project
thinks about with him and wants to want to immediately say:"The project
expanded to weave and then said according to the Yue Peng, impedimenta
camp Yusmeiro Petit Jersey independence, lately setting up cannon camp and independent camp all
whole plait is two regiments......."
"Regiment?Adult you BE......Want to change army system!"Words
haven't finished saying, the Yue Peng immediately grasped 1:00 of his
words deeply bright, Yang Qiu doesn't conceal as well:"Now that you once
studied in German army's college, should know this affair that is
sooner or later, some affairs we still should let go of mindset and
Europe and America to be in line with."
"Adult says quite goodly, Tim Lincecum Jersey drawing up of German army is the most perfect, north ocean always in
the mimicry, I feel we also the that time waited to change."Sung son
that equally once stayed to learn is pure to also approve to change the
"The town arrives Peng to one after another change to teacher,
travel, regiment, camp, connect, row, class, teacher and trip first
etc., start by regiment, each regiment establishes three infantry camps
and a cannon camp, again add an impedimenta to connect with guidance
that constitutes to°from the military officer and the excellent soldier
connect.Each camp is again divided into three 9 classes of
connectings.State another tree Kai to affirmative the machine gun that I
buy still just his hand up, otherwise don't dare back as well man sun,
wait to get hold of after these machine guns Tim Hudson Jersey each infantry even all want to provide with a to be pretty heavy
machine gun and two pretty light machine guns."
After Yang Qiu mostly said the how to change, 4 people also all see
fit to execution, the only problem is to still differ a cannon camp, but
this matter urgently don't come as well, and it is another affair to
let his headache to pour:"The problem in nowadays BE, we 42 marks and
Hang ambition are infantries, original in the soldier lack qualified
artillery, military officer......You are several pole guns."
This a few words make 4 people all wrinkle up eyebrows, surrendering
the soldier can accept a plait, want ~only military background at, it
is basic to guarantee to beat to spread to integrate into after each
camp fighting strength, but the military off ?
Posted 26 Jun 2017

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