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oke or specially not okay, Yang Qiu is also all basic to stay down, all hands over to Ma Kui the training is along with the impedimenta camp,
after all will soon arrive of war in much a persons divide more cure of
All of two warships of Chu Yu, Chu Brandon Crawford Authentic Jersey Qian are a model number, the displacement is 780 tons, the biggest sail
soon 13 sections, own two 120 millimeters from England in the door to
soon shoot cannon, 275 millimeters in the door soon shoot cannon,
admiring Qi to open Si machine the cannon and Sweden fee Er is virtuous
machine cannon is two for each.River's man's warship differed to order
and only had a 120 millimeters of warship cannon, two 76 millimeters in
the door soon shot cannon, want for machine gun, so Yang Qiu takes out
to pay to get of admire the Qi open Si, and then sought to teacher to
add up from the arms and supplies factory and after all followed a river
to Buster Posey Authentic Jersey blockade an opportune moment gun to still take care of to use very much
of, three gunboats support strength on the strongest thermodynamic
power of his hand currently, so find out rest assuredly lead a candidate
have been problem.
Chu Qian warship tube's taking Wang Guang Xiong is one bushy beard
about 40 years old, this year seems the navy grow beard that time still,
from the first step contact to saw him not calculate too talented Madison Bumgarner Authentic Jersey people, but after all is what Chen De Long was grasped behind the first
self-moving surrender, plus again no one replace, can make him continue
to lead and grasp a text to need to be continued to undergo military
service a period of time on the warship for the sake of the insurance.
For controling unique on paying mobile thermodynamic power, is also
his point of departure of navy's dream, so three warships and a few
armed patrol boats be all woven for navy's camp, drive Yang Qiu Lan go
into Casey McGehee Jersey bosom in directly in command of.
As for cannon camp then sorrow killed Yang Qiu and the military
officers, three warships and river defend camp artillery, besides which,
, the whole troops is only six gunners who know to hold cannon, at the
most hasty time for everyone, Sung son is pure to deliver a surprise for
him, not only brought more than 40s young military officer, 300 much
compare neutral of soldier, also the Tai and his Chris Heston Jersey cannon three camps all of the right brigade pulled to come over.
Yang Qiu immediately hand over to the Tai set the task that set up a
cannon camp, also chose some old soldiers enrichment, finally is to
take two frameworks of main cannon camps, each camp 18 seven give birth
to five grams of Lu uncles, the thermodynamic power has already together
and together waited to draw up of northern ocean, leave of five living
seven mountain cannons according to the viewpoint of Yue Peng, all heaps
get to Kuei-shan up, with lord fort for the core is building two
temporary forts, strengthen the thermodynamic power overlay to Yang-tze
River and three towns.
However he still keeps George Kontos Jersey worrying a thermodynamic power problem, know the war of historical sun
summer, only the north ocean came right away two cannon marks and marked
each time 3 camps, each camps is all uniformly of 18 gram Lu the uncle
or day produce 75 millimeters of wild cannon, the artillery is masterly
cruelty don't say, and other cannon camps, the thermodynamic power is
his/her own near decuple!
Machine gun also equally such, and north ocean a town own 20 stand
the mark Qin machine gun compare, oneself is here weigh a machine gun
still too little, wheat virtuous Sen light machine the amount of guns'
pouring is enough, bu ?
Posted 28 Jun 2017

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