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us?" Outside a few soldiers pulled out a gun to hurtle to come in after
seeing Zhang Zhen Wu's secret password, Rang Rang wear wanted to drag
along Li dollar Hong to go out to die, Ma Rong is also direct pair of
gun crest at Jose Bautista Authentic Jersey his forehead up, clamor a way:"Your stem must also does today, not the stem must also do!" See public to all pull Roberto Alomar Jersey out a gun to come out, the soup turns corner of mouth dragon's one Pie
and pretend to make repeatedly putting of the strain to signal hint
dispassion, and then run to come over to advise to open public, also
seriously criticize the soldiers like Ma Rong,etc should not be good at
to rush board room, this just walk to the Li dollar Hong to nearby
say:"The Li is male, this matter......Settled, if again Ci, the soldier
livings disorderly the benefit force can not also Roberto Osuna Jersey keep intact you."
The Li dollar Hong saw an eye on all sides, didn't talk to sit idly
down.Don't talk is a tacit approval, everyone is on the whole to loosen
atmosphere, Zhang Zhen Wu shouts a way:"Li Xi holds and goes fetch
public notice."
Waiting for is many Russell Martin Jersey of Li Xi hold to hurriedly have drafted of restored peace to people
public notice to arrive in front, took out a pen to put on the table,
the tone wasn't smooth:"Sign."Li dollar Hong Chou eye public notice,
know this if label word oneself washed not to drop, very simply a
push:"Do not go, don't go!Mo vital part I, Mo vital part I!"
This sentence again let board room internal rebellion get up, Zhang
Zhen Wu simply in the past held tight his hand think hard, Li Xi held is
also pulled out a gun stare with anger:"You should be Qing Dynasty
slave, Ryan Goins Jersey also killed the contact person that we send, was to kill!We don't kill
you now and raise you to do all Du, you would not like to also, pleased
do the slave in Manchu Dynasty, I shoot to death you, another choose all
Wu Zhao Lin is afraid to till the last make get into a hot dispute,
hurriedly say:"Today all the Du is too tired, I see rather seek an
individual substitute his label."
"This doesn't go, this is to restore peace to people public notice,
how could make a mess of."The soup turns a dragon on listenning to
hurriedly put a hand, can now who listen to his, Li Xi's holding is also
a Wan to rise sleeves to say:"I come."Brush several pens to also finish
the last Li word to immediately take behind the public notice prints to
the Tuo, this act lets the soup turn the facial expression of dragon
immediately dark come down, the in the mind is to scold a time of the
party persons of these completely lawless and godlesses, the meeting
outdoors suddenly spread the cry of a burst of rush while abouting to
spoke severals.
"Council chairperson, not like, not good!"
The soup turns Long Ren to get a person, is a telegram member that
consults telegram station in the bureau, all the Du didn't be, return be
seen as air, just on the spirit head of he starts malicious malicious
on Troy Tulowitzki Jersey striking table, point mulberry to scold a Huai way:"Have no big have no
small, all of the rules have no.Revolution don't rules?What a scandal!"
Telegram member how know his/her own good heart to reports but asks
for to Nu to scold, can this matter no trivial matter, also can crustily
the skin of head say:"Council chairperson, not like, just and Hankow
and there deliver call to report, say Hankow and man the sun have been
already recovered, even restore peace to people public notices to all
paste up!Just the telegram station still received they the Yu warship
send out from Chu of tell a whole country to switch on ele ?
Posted 29 Jun 2017

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